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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekly Words Challenge

I don't always participate and I'm certainly not the photographer that John is.......but I had two shots that I thought were fitting for the WWC this week.

This weeks words were CHANGE. (Here is a big change at our house. Normally for safety's sake no little people are allowed in the kitchen while we are cooking. However, on Thanksgiving Daddy made sure to include our little Chef and to let him help prepare the meal. It was very special to him, and I think really made the holiday a family event since it's just us here alone without an extended family around.)

And Persist. (Here is Charlie learning to use the spoon. He's still very anti untensil.......he can do it just fine. I think it seems like too much work to him.)


Cecilia said...

So sweet...ncie to see posts on your family..someday i hope to do the same!! wish me luck..and keep bloggin...your kid's cute!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love cooking with my kids! And I really love the way you choose your subjects when you play. These were great!