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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The White Tree Is Up - So Begins the Holiday Season

To comply with requests, here are a couple of shots of the white tree. It's up and really, pretty cool. In my imagination, I'd have a house with a chic formal living room filled with sassy post modern furniture and this would be just the piece of kitsch to tie the whole thing together for the holiday. Little Satchmo was about the biggest helper a little guy can be and even though we opted for all new ornaments and a tree that is coordinated and not a patchwork of old an new, I'm pretty happy with it. Hopefully next year we'll have room to have a sassy stylish color coordinated tree (this one) and a regular tree with all of our family, non-coordinated ornaments on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me on that one, lord knows we need a new place.

My holiday social season has kicked off with a bang.....I've had two girls nights out in the last 5 days, I feel like a socialite (Unlike Paris and Britney, I wore panties both times and I'm decidedly less shaved). Last week Sarah, Becky and I had a night out before Sarah went back home and we got to meet Izzy and Wendy which was a blast. It was cool meeting local mom bloggers who were also cool to hang out with. Beer was consumed and bar food was plenty. I hope to get to hang out with those guys on occasion in the future - they were fun.
This weekend I had girls night with Nik and we celebrated our girls only night by spending the evening in our PJs, eating nachos, birthday cake and ice cream and drinking Margaritas, Boddingtons and egg nog. It was possibly a possibly perfect girls only evening. I slept like the dead and woke up with only the mildest of hangovers. I TOLD YOU IT WAS A PERFECT EVENING.

The holidays are here........and now that the white tree is up I'm in the spirit.



Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the blue ornaments on the white tree! And I am so, so jealous that you hung out with Sarah, Izzy and Wendy! I don't know Becky, but I'm sure she's fun too! So jealous. I want BlogHer NOW!

Mom at Work said...

It looks great. I've already done five batches of brownies and a batch of peanut butter cookies for someone else's party.

It doesn't seem like Christmas 'til I've gone through at least 3 pounds of butter.

Frank said...

I'm already baked.