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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Test

So Becky's Head will explode but I just downloaded the new version of Blogger.
Yes, I had to sign up with Google........but I'm pretty sure I didn't offer up my soul or anything when I checked the "I agree to terms" box.......of course I didn't READ all of it.
I thought since this was a test I thought I'd include a photo of the Rock Stars of the Suncoast Blogging Mommy Scene (from Sarah's vacation)..... Included from left to right are......Wendy, Sarah, Me, Izzy and Becky. It was a very good night! I'm not sure how excited I'm supposed to be about this new blogger, though. They've just sent me 20 emails confirming that I've installed the new BLOGGER. Okay!


Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla said...

Thanks for testing that for us, Gidge. Let me know how useful it is or whether to stay away from it.

wendy boucher said...

Oh, we are rock stars indeed!