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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some Christmas Eve Mumbling

So Baby Birdman and I climbed out of bed this morning to spend some one on one time together. All the other offspring and my baby daddy are still snoozing. Which is okay because Daddy and I stayed up LATE last night, drinking a bottle of wine, watching this TV show called BIG DAY we had recorded (oh man was that funny) and then we broke out the eggnog and the cheeseball at 1 something.
I told him, I think this is what parents to, they sit up late drinking eggnog. He reminded me that they probably do it tomorrow (today) but that's okay.
Wanna know what sappy thing we did after we watched BIG DAY?
We watched 9 Months, the one with Hugh Grant, and got teary eyed and/or cried repeatedly through the movie. And at almost 4 I finally stumbled off to bed. It was one of the best nights we've had together in a long time.
Well, because the stress of having three kids is multiplied in geometric proportion when two of them are the same age. You've got one in the backseat crying? I've got two. What one does the other does. You don't want to know about what we spend on diapers and wipes. So there's financial stress, not just of having three kids but having two that are little more than tall babies.
And then, there is time. Or, lack of time. There is no time. For anything. Much less time to do stuff together.
So last night we MADE time, even though it meant we were up till 4am.
It was great.


In shopping news I searched every store at the mall yesterday desperately seeking one item for my husband. I hit every dept store, and even asked at a couple of them, and they acted like I was stupid. Finally - in my SECOND trip to JC Penny - THERE, in the CORNER!

And there was great rejoicing.

I will probably take a family break for the next day or two, but while I'm gone. Here is something to ponder.

I dropped this ice cream sandwich on the floor and tossed it in the sink the other night. To melt. I woke up the next morning to this.
The damn thing didn't melt.

I mean, it didn't melt at all. It just became soft.

Seriously, we gotta quit eating these, they are unnatural. Ewwww.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish you hadn't shown me that.

I love those little "ice cream" sandwiches. Now I will be thinking about my insides when I eat them.

I'll still eat them though.