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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Okay there hasn't been any blood yet.
But MOM is at her wits end.

This is the one where I admit that I am not good at the stress of having one four year old + two 2.5 year olds. When things are good, I rock. When things are bad.....I just suck.

My husband is quite ill today, maybe going to the hospital later (he has bleeding ulcers and hernias that are giving him problems if it isn't something else) and I'm completely stressed out.
My four year old has not quit talking. SINCE 10 AM. Nonstop. Jabber. Jabber. Jabber. Talk talk talk talk talk. He has 6 of those information pamphlets you can pick up at tourist areas (this is FLA everything is a tourist area) and has gone through EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF EVERY SINGLE ONE IN EXCRUCIATING DETAIL with me. I may poke my ears out (not my eyes, gotta be able to see what they are up to).

I tried to talk on the phone earlier to my mom and the 4 year old dumped an entire bucket of blocks (which, incidentally I had JUST PICKED UP) over his head, despite the fact that as he picked it up I DIVINED his purpose and said "NO! NO! Don't DO THAT! NO Don't YOU DARE DUMP THOSE OUT FOR NO REASON!" which he then did anyway.

The littlest boy keeps SHRIEKING everytime the TV show changes. Even though shows he LIKES are coming on. Oh, did I mention we don't allow screaming? Did I mention I have disciplined him EVERY SINGLE TIME AND IT DOESN'T EFFING MATTER BECAUSE HE KEEPS DOING IT?

Deep breath Mom.

Here is a shot of them being sweet, not demons.
As you can see, Target suggests I limit my repoduction to the current brood. Not such a bad idea based on today's track record.


Becky said...

I blame Stephen King. And all that telepathy stuff. I swear. Our kids have telepathy. And they're TALKING to each other. To drive us INSANE.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just don't hurt them. They are adorable.

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy on this, Gidge. My ten year old has been reading fact books since he was four. He checks out Guiness Book of World Records from the library. He reads books about dinosaurs, mummies, animals. And he LOVES to recite facts to me, over and over again. I tell myself, one day he'll be a teenager and probably won't even want to talk to me, so I just nod my head and listen.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!