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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Stroller Situation

I have a lot of strollers. I'm not sure if it's because we have multiples or if it's just because of our sheer number of kids in general. But I have a lot.
Let me elaborate.
When I was pregnant with #1 I spent an agonizing amount of time at TRAVEL SYSTEM. It was so wonderful. Cushy comfy car seat. Awesome stroller with nice comfy seat, big so it would be useful for a long time, and TALL so that the husband and I didn't have to bend over to push it. One hand release to collapse it. Very fancy, in our world, being new parents, we (at least I) was pretty happy with our choice. Which was THIS stroller.
The problem with it was, it didn't fit into our car.
Who'da thunk, eh? It is/was SO big, it wouldn't fit into the trunk of our compact car and with the car seat placed in the middle where it was supposed to go, it wouldn't go into our backseat. So we effectively had a very expensive but unuseable stroller - good only for walks downtown for parades and the like (4th of July Parade in this picture).
So, back to Babies R Us we went, and we purchased THIS one. This was very much like our original stroller but smaller, and more compact. But it really really hurt my back to push, because I had to stoop slightly, so I never really liked it. And then of course......only 19 months after producing our first tiny human, we produced two more. We needed another stroller.
Thanks to my twins club, I was able to pick up TWO of them for less than the price of one. So I picked up this triple stroller (I actually have a picture of us using this one but after an hour of searching I've given up) and this double stroller. Henceforth these shall be known as the strollers that set us free. After several weeks of essentially being homebound, with these two strollers we were able to take all three of our children, who were all babies, OUT IN PUBLIC. We could GO PLACES Again. It was like a miracle. We could go to museums and amusement parks and festivals, just like we used to do when we were two - or when were 3 instead of 5. It was LIBERATION.

But then our beloved double stroller began to break down. It had already survived a set of triplets before it got to us. So we hunted and hunted for the NEW version of our stroller......it was so nice, surely they made a new one? The husband found one online......and VOILA.......back in business. The one feature we loved so much about the first one, that you could switch the front seat around, wasn't practical after about the second time we used it, though, because the boys had gotten big enough to pinch and kick each other and generally fuss at each other and drive us crazy. So we turned the front seat around. It doesn't completely separate them, but it does provide a modest break between them and other than some hair pulling we seem to be okay with this the way it is now. But the heavier they get, the harder it's getting to push. Which has me eyeing things like this. Allegedly these are easier to push and worth the money because they'll last as the kids get bigger. It also makes my husbands head almost spin off, based on the sheer volume of strollers we have now we could seat 10 kids.
Oh, you were counting? You only count 9 seats?
Well that's because I didn't show you THIS one that they gave us for free at Babies R Us when we bought Baby Bird Man and Baby Birth of Cool their toddler beds.
Because we REALLY needed one more.

And just so mention something crazy......have you seen THIS nonsense? I swear I almost want to have a baby just to get one. This is the coolest stroller I've ever seen!