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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Can't Find His Shirt........

Because I'm living out of boxes still.

But I woke up realizing I didn't know where the shirt was, and that I needed it today but it's buried in the avalanche of moving.

If I could find it I'd have it on.

I'm both fascinated and annoyed with Wikipedia's summary of events. I guess all events become just factual....the emotions fade and drift and it all boils down to just the XYZ of the post-mortem examination of the tragedy itself.

When trying to decide what to say today to honor my friend who is gone, I realized that what I said last year was probably best......

I have put a lot of thought into what I was going to say today.

I didn't really come up with anything good.

I feel it's more important to make sure whatever occupies this space is about Bobby, not about me, and I think I'm too deeply engrossed in my own selfish grief to honestly write something like that.

But Porter helped me out. He sent me an email and said:

I need to send you a few “Bobbyisms”……

-Bacon and cheese make all food better
-Sometimes you gotta choke somebody to make an example for the rest of the team
-You try to sleep with every girl you date. If she does it, she is a whore, don’t go out with her again. If she won’t sleep with you, she has potential.
-You never drink lemon-lime Gatorade…especially if it’s warm.
-Rubbing someone’s ear can make anything better. Especially if they are virgin (un-pierced) ears.
-You know you’re team is going to have a good year if they have a few thugs playing for them. If you have too many “nice guys” your team is gonna suck.
-Michael Jackson is innocent.

Which reminded me that Bobby was one of the first people who didn't stare at me like I was insane when I told him I was going to name my son Louis. His response was "Oh HELL yeah, you gotta call him Louie. Because Louie is a guy who will always pick up the round when it's his turn."

To Bobby.
We miss you man.
I miss you.

*** Post Script - my husband went through boxes in the garage until he found Bobby's shirt.
Hoosier Favorite?!?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There Were Portents and Omens A'Plenty.....

I should've known. I just should have known that this day was meant for staying in bed with my head under the covers. I woke up well rested (surprisingly on little sleep) and feeling that today I'd get X Y and Z all done.
Get some boxes unpacked. Get some stuff put away. Run the sweeper. Some very BASIC maintenance life items would get done.

When I awoke, it was a torrential downpour.

That was the first sign.

The boy woke up chipper though - I was lulled by his optimistic Kindergartner enthusiasm. It was Math Day, it was taco day......there was Arthur on the PBS and Apple Jacks for breakfast....really life was putzing along well.

We drove to the bus stop vs walk because the hill we normally walk up was a raging river of water (this was the NEXT SIGN). We stood under a big over sized umbrella from and old job of mine, and he marveled at how well it kept the rain off of us. His exuberance,even in the face of such a gloomy day,threw me and my sense of a bad day to the wayside.

But then I should've known that other people's joy can't over ride the inevitable....so (later that morning) when I took that step....

and missed the second stair.....

and fell down the stairs of my house barely missing a twin who was right in front of me and whom would have been seriously injured had I actually slammed into him......


Yeah, it was going to be a crummy day.

The husband was my knight, basically having to haul me back up the stairs and put me into bed after having fetched me both Tylenol and a maxi pad (yeah he's totally sweet like that) and I crawled into bed to cry myself to sleep.

I think I bruised my tailbone as I can sit on it but it hurts and I'm all sore and miserable.

At the end of the day the oldest boy was told in class about signing up for boy scouts by his teacher, which totally delighted him, only to find out when he went to sign up that he has to be in FIRST GRADE. Which then crushed him and broke his sweet little heart and he spent the rest of the night moping and being sad.

It's 10:54 PM.

This day can go ahead and close. This family has had enough.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just a reminder that when you leave Atlanta.......you're in GEORGIA.

Out to dinner last night in a rather rural area.......quite far from home to be exact.

The big boy had to use the restroom so we went together to the ladies, and when we exited the stall and turned the corner to wash his hand he screamed "AAAAA! WHAT IS THAT?"

I took a look. "Ummm, it's a decoration."

"But what IS IT Mom? It's scary."

"Well.....it's supposed to be......pretty......."

He shook his head. "Scary things aren't pretty, Mom."

No. No they aren't.

So we took a pic, so you would believe us.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well You See.........

Every day, the biggest boy comes home from Kindergarten and regales us with tales of his day. Was it music, art or gym? Who did you play with at recess? Did you have a good day?

We're fascinated.

Because he's away, making his own decisions, choosing his own path and we're endlessly probing to find out what sort of choices he's making.

Especially at lunch.

We ask every day and find out what he had (his school has a really wonderful set of choices daily) and it's always interesting, the choices he makes. For instance, today he selected to have an omelet and a muffin.

As we're marveling at the wonder of his new found independence, where he not WE choose his foods, we ask him "Now - are you sure you're making sure you're eating some fruits and vegetables every day?"

And he shakes his head in the affirmative, "Yes I have fresh fruit everyday."

"And vegetables? Are you eating SOME vegetables - finding some you like?"

"Well you SEE..." he explains slyly. "They don't actually SERVE Vegetables at my school.........."


It must feel pretty good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name - Tastes Good to Something

So I've got roses. Which I love. My grandmother was like the Rose Queen of the Midwest - she could grow any kind of rose by giving it a stern look. One of her great tricks was that she'd toss coffee grounds and banana peels at the ground around them - and despite the swarm of flies around the base of the plant the roses would just THRIVE.
My roses are right by my front door - it's an nice tall plant and didn't look ALL that healthy until the past few days when suddenly it's started blooming (I HAVE been feeding it coffee grounds - though). I just felt like banana peels rotting right outside my front door might not be the way to go in this neighborhood.
My first rose was in full bloom the morning we walked out the door for our first day of Kindergarten. Which I felt was rather fun and lovely.

At this time I've got three more blooms getting ready to open and I couldn't be more pleased except that.......

Something is eating my roses.

The leaves are all holey and nibbled at - and one of my new blooms that is JUST peeking out has black spots on it. Almost ALL of them have had something taking very healthy bites out of the leaves.

It's not APHIDS (my grandmother's nemesis) because you can SEE Aphids.

So then - WHAT is it? Ideas?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Head Like A Hole

Because we didn't have enough holes in our walls, what with the piano going into the wall, and various furniture popping nicks out of the dry wall on it's way in the house, and of course the Box Spring Incident.........
we now have another hole.

In the shape of a four year old's head.

You see, Baby Birth of Cool was ascending the stairs yesterday, and being a bad parent I was talking to him at the top........and he paid more attention to me than walking up.......and tumbled down them.



Yup, you heard me. His head went INTO and THROUGH the drywall making a nice round HOLE at the landing of my stairs.

He's fine.

He cried, had a bit of a boohoo. I cried, because I was relieved he broke the wall and not his neck.

And now, I have one more hole in the wall.

Next person who says money pit gets a boot to the head.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Box Spring Carnage of 08

As you may recall, we couldn't get our box springs up our stairs. There is a lowered ceiling at the landing turn of the stairs, and it wouldn't clear the ceiling or make the turn.
We've been sleeping on the floor for almost a week now, and the collegiate novelty of it has worn off frankly.
So our first course of action was to take off the front door of the house - as this would let us come in at a better/different angle.

So we did that. Off came the door (oh by the way those are a bitch to put back - did you know that?).

And it still wouldn't go. We got it up about two stairs higher and then, again, it stuck. No room to move, slide or otherwise GO.

Except - it was shoving into the ceiling at the corner of the lowered portion of the stairwell.......in fact - that portion was SOFT in spots. We had shoved the top corner side of the box spring INTO the ceiling about an inch.

As though the previous owners had this exact problem and had patched it with a lot of stucco on their way out the door.

So, we did what we had to do.....and The Husband got his hammer.

And took out the spots that were causing us to get stuck. (that is the ceiling over the turn in my stairs pictured below).

Guess whose bedroom is now put together - mattress sitting on box springs properly?

When this house goes back on the market, it'll be listed as "partially furnished" and include one much used queen bed. I promise you that. I will never drag that effing thing down the stairs again. Or ask my husband to.

He got me a present though - despite the fact that HE is the one who probably needs one. I had trouble getting it to focus properly - but you should be able to see that it is the WASH AWAY YOUR SINS COIN PURSE.
It includes these instructions on the back
1. Accumulate small change for little white lies.
2. Amass large bills for tougher sins
3. Carry thy load to house of worship
4. Repent for wrong doing
5. Activate absolution by gently pouring sin-savings on to collection plate
6. Go forth cleansed from sin and ready to do it again
It also says that it is manufactured by Quality Sin Removers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In A Near Case of Irony........

As we pulled out from our "closer to Atlanta gang-ridden neighborhood" we stopped at a stoplight in a commercial area.
On the corner, to our left, is a dry cleaner. It always looked like a relatively NICE dry cleaner. Surrounding it were about 25 cops with their weapons drawn, in various "I am shielding myself from someone dangerous" poses. The police dogs were straining at their handlers leash.....and all I could think was.....


Here I sit, with my family, trying to escape this freaking hell and now we're going to get killed in a shoot out at the damn dry cleaner AS WE LEAVE.
In other news, did you know I am an expert big rig driver?

Don't be fooled - it's a big truck.
My husband asked me I could drive it, and I said yes. He didn't ask me if I had EVER driven one this big - and I had not. He also didn't ask me if I could back it up. Which I barely could. Jeeez.

And just one more pic to scare you - this is my garage ......
There were THREE full truck loads.

And so much love to my wonderful husband, who moved our entire lives including furniture weighing hundreds of pounds - basically by himself - doing 99.999% of the work........I love you baby thank you.
This is him - with the LAST BOX. And this was the LEAST amount he sweated during the process. He worked so hard, it scared me a little - I've NEVER seen anyone move so much alone.

And of course the kid had to have a shot with the truck. This picture was his idea, so I had to share it because it cracked me up a bit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

Loaner Firearms Will Be Provided.

Seriously, I hope I win.

Click on it, you won't be sorry.

He's Leaving Home

He's leaving home.....


Where did the last five years go?

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Update

  • Our Box Springs won't go up the stairs. For any reason.
  • We tore up the corner bead trying to get it up.
  • We tore up the foyer wooden floor with the piano.
  • The tape I used to keep things closed took the finish off my antiques
  • We accidentally put the piano through the living room wall, nice hole.
  • I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
  • I drank coffee out of a glass bcse I couldn't find coffee cups.
  • I had to serve food that could only be eaten or town with your hands bcse I couldn't find a knife or forks.
  • We have hours more work left to do that must happen tonight. Including moving heavy furniture.

I have never been so happy in all my life.

Send money. :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dreams Come True

I thought recently that I had been wrong to have this dream, this dream of a home for my children. I thought my dream had been taken out of play and let that be a lesson to me for being so vain as to have dreams.
But I was wrong to think that way.
Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, and know that
Dreams can come true.
And that if you are willing to work very hard, and change your life in ways you never imagined...you can have not only what you need......but also what you want.
Little Pink Houses, for you and me.

Here's to the survival of the American Family, despite Bushanomics.