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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In A Near Case of Irony........

As we pulled out from our "closer to Atlanta gang-ridden neighborhood" we stopped at a stoplight in a commercial area.
On the corner, to our left, is a dry cleaner. It always looked like a relatively NICE dry cleaner. Surrounding it were about 25 cops with their weapons drawn, in various "I am shielding myself from someone dangerous" poses. The police dogs were straining at their handlers leash.....and all I could think was.....


Here I sit, with my family, trying to escape this freaking hell and now we're going to get killed in a shoot out at the damn dry cleaner AS WE LEAVE.
In other news, did you know I am an expert big rig driver?

Don't be fooled - it's a big truck.
My husband asked me I could drive it, and I said yes. He didn't ask me if I had EVER driven one this big - and I had not. He also didn't ask me if I could back it up. Which I barely could. Jeeez.

And just one more pic to scare you - this is my garage ......
There were THREE full truck loads.

And so much love to my wonderful husband, who moved our entire lives including furniture weighing hundreds of pounds - basically by himself - doing 99.999% of the work........I love you baby thank you.
This is him - with the LAST BOX. And this was the LEAST amount he sweated during the process. He worked so hard, it scared me a little - I've NEVER seen anyone move so much alone.

And of course the kid had to have a shot with the truck. This picture was his idea, so I had to share it because it cracked me up a bit.


Frank said...

You are very welcome. Anything for someone with boobs the size of yours. At least that's what the OTHER guys all tell me.

Buster's Momma said...

Aw, that's sweet, Frank!
What a lucky girl you are, Gidge!
Hi there! Been reading your blog for a little while now & just wanted to congratulate you on your new house and new neighborhood.