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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Box Spring Carnage of 08

As you may recall, we couldn't get our box springs up our stairs. There is a lowered ceiling at the landing turn of the stairs, and it wouldn't clear the ceiling or make the turn.
We've been sleeping on the floor for almost a week now, and the collegiate novelty of it has worn off frankly.
So our first course of action was to take off the front door of the house - as this would let us come in at a better/different angle.

So we did that. Off came the door (oh by the way those are a bitch to put back - did you know that?).

And it still wouldn't go. We got it up about two stairs higher and then, again, it stuck. No room to move, slide or otherwise GO.

Except - it was shoving into the ceiling at the corner of the lowered portion of the stairwell.......in fact - that portion was SOFT in spots. We had shoved the top corner side of the box spring INTO the ceiling about an inch.

As though the previous owners had this exact problem and had patched it with a lot of stucco on their way out the door.

So, we did what we had to do.....and The Husband got his hammer.

And took out the spots that were causing us to get stuck. (that is the ceiling over the turn in my stairs pictured below).

Guess whose bedroom is now put together - mattress sitting on box springs properly?

When this house goes back on the market, it'll be listed as "partially furnished" and include one much used queen bed. I promise you that. I will never drag that effing thing down the stairs again. Or ask my husband to.

He got me a present though - despite the fact that HE is the one who probably needs one. I had trouble getting it to focus properly - but you should be able to see that it is the WASH AWAY YOUR SINS COIN PURSE.
It includes these instructions on the back
1. Accumulate small change for little white lies.
2. Amass large bills for tougher sins
3. Carry thy load to house of worship
4. Repent for wrong doing
5. Activate absolution by gently pouring sin-savings on to collection plate
6. Go forth cleansed from sin and ready to do it again
It also says that it is manufactured by Quality Sin Removers.


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

After all that, surely you deserve an indulgence.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for you! how did you manage to have all those boxes of things in your apartment???

Marketing Gorilla said...

That's awesome. Aren't you glad you aren't in Tampa this week? We are both missing the Home Depot panic from Tropical Storm Fay...

christa said...

you see, when this happened to me, i just went out and bought new box springs. i traded in the too-big queen size unit for two twin sized ones. viola! magic! those suckers went up the stairs with no problem.