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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There Were Portents and Omens A'Plenty.....

I should've known. I just should have known that this day was meant for staying in bed with my head under the covers. I woke up well rested (surprisingly on little sleep) and feeling that today I'd get X Y and Z all done.
Get some boxes unpacked. Get some stuff put away. Run the sweeper. Some very BASIC maintenance life items would get done.

When I awoke, it was a torrential downpour.

That was the first sign.

The boy woke up chipper though - I was lulled by his optimistic Kindergartner enthusiasm. It was Math Day, it was taco day......there was Arthur on the PBS and Apple Jacks for breakfast....really life was putzing along well.

We drove to the bus stop vs walk because the hill we normally walk up was a raging river of water (this was the NEXT SIGN). We stood under a big over sized umbrella from and old job of mine, and he marveled at how well it kept the rain off of us. His exuberance,even in the face of such a gloomy day,threw me and my sense of a bad day to the wayside.

But then I should've known that other people's joy can't over ride the inevitable....so (later that morning) when I took that step....

and missed the second stair.....

and fell down the stairs of my house barely missing a twin who was right in front of me and whom would have been seriously injured had I actually slammed into him......


Yeah, it was going to be a crummy day.

The husband was my knight, basically having to haul me back up the stairs and put me into bed after having fetched me both Tylenol and a maxi pad (yeah he's totally sweet like that) and I crawled into bed to cry myself to sleep.

I think I bruised my tailbone as I can sit on it but it hurts and I'm all sore and miserable.

At the end of the day the oldest boy was told in class about signing up for boy scouts by his teacher, which totally delighted him, only to find out when he went to sign up that he has to be in FIRST GRADE. Which then crushed him and broke his sweet little heart and he spent the rest of the night moping and being sad.

It's 10:54 PM.

This day can go ahead and close. This family has had enough.