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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Fooky Halloween Story

Yesterday the 4 year old tells me to turn out the lights, that he has to tell me a story.
So, by the light of a illuminated pumpkin and the PC monitor he tells me this tale....
"Once upon a time, there was a fooky ghost.
 It was the fookiest ghost that there every was
 and everyone was afraid of this fooky ghost because
 it might GET them.
 This fooky ghost would hide in your house
 and then sometimes it would wait until you
 were asleep, and then it would come out
 The End!"
 Very Fooky Indeed.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ein Prosit Ein Prosit Gemutlichkeit! Ein Prosit Ein Pro-OH-Sit...Gemutlichkeit!

Baby Birdman thought that this was the best pumpkin he had ever seen. In fairness, it's his first trip to the pumpkin patch so he's not exactly an expert. Aftermuch running around and laughing and picture taking we found three pumpkins that suited our purposes and had them loaded up into the trunk of the SUV and headed home. So you'd think, Halloween party for a bunch of Multiples......trip to the pumpkin patch. That's a LOT in one day! Right? Time to go home....right!? NEVER!!!!

After the pumpkin patch we surprised all the munchkins in the backseat with a trip to local Oktoberfest celebration. I grew up in Indianapolis were the GAK and other local German clubs would throw one HUGE Octoberfest celebration which went on for at least two weekends every year - and the hubby is from Seymour Indiana where they also have a HUGE Octoberfest celebration so we're kind of Octoberfest snobs, being accustomed to attending "we don't EFF around this is a real Octoberfest with real Germans" sort of celebrations. That being said, the local one here is quite good. It has the requisite carnival attractions and then the HUGE Fest tent with yummy food and dancing and the Oompah band going loud. It was such a good time. The kids snarfed up yummy food and Mommy had a lovely dunkelbock beer. After we had dinner we went out and rode rides and for the first time ever the twins got to ride a "kiddie" ride without a parent - although they were wedged in with the brother. I halfway suspect that their butts were wedged in so tightly than none of them could get out if they wanted to.
The only thing we couldn't fit into our very cramped day was to whip up to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH to spend a couple of hours with the MEMMERS! I'm sorry we couldn't get up there to see you guys but maybe next time you are down here we'll get together! We miss you!

Tzika Tzaka Tzika Tzaka HOY HOY HOY HOY

Sometimes my family gets more done in a day than we do in an entire week. This Saturday was one of those days. The busy time started on Friday night when we had to get organized for the Twins Club Halloween party which I was in charge of (translation - husband taking care of because he is way more organized and together than I am) and my friends were also hosting a private party down at Howl at the Moon. I skipped down to Howl at the Moon and made it for about the last 15 minutes of the free drinks (I managed to down two beers in that amount of time) and Kevin and Janet (the hosts) gave out free bottles of wine. They're big wine drinkers and often host extremely BAD ASS parties that feature wine they've just had shipped in from Napa......so a gift of wine from them is pretty cool. I'm not sure if this bottle is going to be good (allegedly it's surprisingly good despite the bottle art) but I think I LOVE the bottle art. I may never get rid of this bottle.
On Saturday though.......the long day began. HUGE THANK YOUS AND HUGS and what not to my husband because, thanks to him, the Halloween party was a huge success. We had a cupcake decorating station and crafts and tons of games plus some extremely cool gift bags all filled with goodies my hubby picked up. We had a bit of a heart attack when WAY more people showed up for the party than we expected, but that's a good thing, right? And everyone seemed to have a good time. It was a little nerve wracking at time - have you ever been in a room full of screaming, laughing and playing multiples all under the age of 6? In fact mostly under the age of 3?
Here is Louis working on his craft - he made one of these two years ago with Daddy's help - he was DETERMINED this year to do it "On my own".

You'd think that a HUGE Halloween party would be enough activity for one family but NOT US BABY! After naps and diapers we headed out to the Pumpkin Patch - but since blogger is giving me trouble I'll have to post up those pics in a second post.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

We got our Hair Did

One of our friends, Nicole, is in cosmetology school and Leslie and I are too cheap to pay for the top end salon service we really want. So in the name of frugality and helping our friend practice her chosen trade, we made a trip to SALLY'S and then back to Nicole's for a DAY OF BEAUTY.

We wanted highlights and Leslie got highlights and low lights. When I got home, Scott said I looked like I had was "RIDING ON THE METRO........".
Leslie wants me to tell people that we look like this:

In fact I sort of look like this (this picture makes my hair look sort of flat and I personally find it to be sort of poofy. I guess the BERLIN reference is that I have hardly any highlights in the back.
Anyway, good job Nicole. We only look moderately crazy.....kidding kidding kidding.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Corvette Story - or How I am as Gullible as People I laugh At

I have this friend who is gullible. To the point that it's a bit of a sport to see what you can get her to believe. She's famous for telling people she doesn't like dishes that are flambe because she "doesn't like the taste of lighter fluid". And before I tell my Corvette story, I have to tell her BEST story because they are similar - if only in that sometimes when people tell you things, you just believe them.
To your own detriment.
On the west side of Indianapolis is a Mosque. Apparently said friend grew up around that side of town. One day while she was riding around with a bunch of high school friends she asked them "What is that building?" and one of the people in the car, knowing her well, said "Oh, that's the Arab club." "The Arab club? What's that?" She asked. It was then explained to her that it was a private club for people from the middle east and it was full of sand and date palms, and that they could go inside and hang out and speak their native languages........and ride camels.
AND - they told her, it was open to the public on Tuesdays. You could go in and ride camels and hang out, it was just like being in the middle east.
Do you see how this is going to go?
Well apparently several months or maybe a year later, my Friend was in charge of planning a birthday party for someone she knew. It happened to fall on a Tuesday.
And she had the BEST idea of what they could do for the party........
so she CALLS the "Arab Club".
Oh yes, she calls and gives them the "Hi is this the Arab club? I'd like to get some information about coming over there to ride camels next Tuesday."
I don't exactly know how the rest of the conversation went.......I like to imagine there was outraged SCREAMING on the other end of the line which included the word infidel but I'm not exactly sure. When she told the story to us, several years later, she just said "Man they were mad."
Yeah, I bet they were.

Well I didn't offend an entire religion with mine...but it is an example of gullible and looking stupid. So here is mine.
Somewhere, at some time, someone told me that Corvettes didn't come with air conditioning. I don't know who or why or when. The explanation had something to do with the engine block......I'm a girl so I don't know. All I know is, I've had this information in my brain for SO long that I just took it for fact. So one day, I'm going along with my husband and I see this corvette with it's window rolled up and remark to him that they must be hot - it was a hot day. Why? he asks. And I tell him, "Because they don't have air conditioning......it's a Corvette." Yeah. When he got done laughing his ass off we went though the logic on that one and it did seem unlikely that on a 90+ degree day you'd have the window rolled up on the highway if you had no AC. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, am I.

My hubby PERSONALLY got me with the great Hanta Virus prank.
I bought some Suave Naturals hairspray.
He comes out of the bathroom with it and says "Didn't you see that thing on the news about that hair spray?" Me "No? What?" "Oh there is some flower or something that it's made with that they traced some cases of the hanta virus to......it was contaminated etc." I'm like "WHAT?" and he says "It's been all over the news, I can't believe you bought it." Then he says "Do you know what else causes the Hanta virus? MY ASS!" and laughs. I think he's being funny, but still serious about the hair spray.
So I throw it away.

Two days later he is going to the store and I say "Please pick me up some hairspray." He reminds me I just bought some, and I tell him I had to throw it away because of the Hanta virus. At which point he erupts in laughter..........and I realize how completely stupid that story was. And I've thrown away PERFECTLY GOOD HAIRSPRAY.


Monday, October 23, 2006

And Now......

We return to our regularly scheduled blog.
Is it art?

Heaven's Not Close in a Place Like This

Just a short aside from my usual rambling self centered diatribe. I had meant to share this a while back but it slipped my mind. On the day of the Race for the Cure the Clothesline Project was doing one of their exhibits in the park where you exited the Race.
It was startling really, to come off the course - tired as hell because I'm so damn fat, and to see all of these tshirts strung from the trees throughout the park. Your first impression is "What is this?" Then you get closer and start reading them and for me, anyway, my next impression was "Oh man this is depressing."
Walking along the clothesline was a reminder of the pain and suffering I don't feel on a daily basis. Of how good my life is and how bad others actually have it. Most tshirts were made by abuse victims - some detailing the abuse and some were celebrations of their freedom and then end of the abuse. Some were made for people who didn't find their way to freedom but instead were consumed by the violence.
I took a few snaps but the one that caught my eye and caused me to really take a look at what was going on was this one. I was curious why someone made this one. Was it someone that knew her or just someone that wasn't comfortable expressing their own pain so they projected something that we could all understand?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Birthday Buddies

My life abounds with Birthday Buddies. Becky and Sarah are birthday buddies and Becky's twin girls and my twin boys are birthday buddies but now I have my very own birthday buddy!
We went out last night to celebrate our mutual birthday a few weeks late (we went to Crazy Buffet for dinner on our actual birthday but didn't HIT the TOWN as it were as she was just flying back into town and it was just a bad night for "going out".
We finally remedied that last night! Woohoo! We started at the Margarita Mama's which is apparently AGAINST air conditioning here in Florida. We decided that just as some old time Florida establishments will advertise "Air Conditioned" in neon or other tacky signs, Margarita Mama's should advertise "Unbelievably hot" or "No AC - come in and sweat miserably". Good thing the food is good and so are the drinks - cuz you wouldn't go there otherwise. At least not in the summer. (I really do like the food and would go back but we've been TWICE and both time it was AFRICA HOT).

We then trekked over to Howl at the Moon. I hadn't been to a piano bar in about a million years but it was a pretty good time. The jello shots were unbelievably like drinking jello + Windex. (Which is good because they were strong and not a ripoff, which is bad because you felt like you were going to die while drinking them).

Nikki and I met through mutual friends and like Becky and Sarah falls under that rare category of adult friends you make that you don't actually work with. (But I met her through people I work with). I'd like to say a bunch of sappy stuff about what a great friend she is and how happy I am I met her and that like Becky and Sarah, I consider her one of my best friends. And that she makes me laugh and that it's cool to make a friend who likes the things you like, who GETS you and think the same crap is funny and is just weird enough not to think you are weird. But since I'm still fairly freaking hungover from the windex shots I'll leave all that out and say..... Happy Bday Birthday Buddy!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Date-Aversary IX

Nine years and a few odd days ago I went out with my best friend and her boyfriend to a place called BW3s for dinner and some beers, and to play trivia.
I met this guy working there who asked for my number, and with a big smile asked me if I had ever dated a cook. I asked him "Why, is a cook asking me out?"
We made a date for the following Wednesday to go sit in a bar and watch South Park (said bar was featuring Cheesy Poofs as bar food) the next week.
We didn't make it, we ended up having lunch on Sunday before our planned date in a Greek restaurant my cousin owned. (He picked it, I figured, hey if he's crazy I'm in a safe place).
Last night was the Nine Year anniversary of that lunch.
I got into my car with that same guy and our kids and we drove to Tarpon Springs and found a Greek restaurant to eat dinner in.
As I looked around the table at all my boys, and that guy who is now my husband and the piles of food everywhere I couldn't help but think "And this is what talking to guys in bars will get you."

Just kidding.
Happy Date-aversary baby.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Little Brother - all growed up

Little being a very loose term.......
(that's my mom with him. HI MOM!)


Scott and Nikki got me this for my birthday! That's right people. SNAKES ON A PLANE - THE ALBUM.
oh man nothing like an album full of songs about snakes.
Oh, and there is one about MY SPACE.
Pop Culture till your ears bleed.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Where There's Smoke There's Dinner !!

I am completely annoyed by most "country" cute-isms that one finds on magnets in "craft" or "country folk" stores. Truth be told, I seek out the "WHERE THERE'S SMOKE THERE'S DINNER" one whenever I can - and if I ever actually FIND it I'm going to buy it and the saw blade with the waterfall scene painted on it that should be located for sale somewhere near it.
I like these things because of their hideousness. I am both mocking them and embracing them......if it is possible.
But seriously, can someone call the ladies at the Church Guild and have them quit making stuff for the craft fair that have THIS particular phrase on it?
I mean.......are these good country ladies really giving up the ass and this is some sort of little joke amongst the pure?
It's freaking me out.
The duck is even LOOKING at it's ASS! Like, "Hey baby, you want some of this?"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

City Memory Here I Come

In Greg Bear's Books Eternity, Eon and Legacy there is a concept of CITY MEMORY. After you have used up your corporeal life, you can live a sentient, fulfilling life in city memory where you have the ability to interact with others both corporeal and in memory. You have sythesized senses and it's basically like living forever.
I like this concept. You don't have to be gone - but there is no space for your corporeal self........take your sentient being and get into CITY MEMORY. And live forever with everyone you ever knew and then some. Some people through great intelligence or deeds could be granted additional corporeal incarnations.
It's a very cool concept.
Sometimes I think that the Blogosphere is a betaversion of CITY MEMORY. We don't intend for it to be so, but we're out here constructing our lives and our hearts and putting our worlds into a digital format to preserve forever these concepts. In a way, we're entering pieces of our lives into City Memory, aren't we?

And Nikki - it's Greg Bear.
Not Greg Evigan.

Dont make me kick your ass.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fargin Iceholes

I'm glad to report that the Fargin Iceholes of Brighthouse have been thwarted and I'm back WITH my broadband connection in tact.

And now, a picture of my son - demonstrating why we DO still need naps. (This was at Mommy's Birthday dinner at the Crazy Buffet).
And Just to make all you Trekkie Bitches Jealous......yeah baby, it's the complete FIRST Season on DVD........that's right. You know you want it. (Props to the Husband for this Righteous Gift)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thanks Brighthouse

Thanks for coming over and installing my high speed cable modem. I really appreciate it. It's fairly badass. Zippy, even. I've been on dial-up since 1995 when you used to have to pay by the minute on AOL - so this seems pretty much like Star Wars technology here to me.
(except for the fact that I'm a T1 at work.......but I digress).

Anyway, thanks.

Oh, and thanks for disabling my firewall.

And not mentioning it.

See, never having BEEN on broadband we didn't realize you would do that.

And now we have what seems to be one badass worm.

Thanks again.

Ass hats.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Race For The Cure - Florida Style

Marilyn and I walked with Team Victory this morning. We were the Call Center representatives on the team. It was a gorgeous but hot Florida morning and if she feels like me right now, she's dead on her butt.
There was a conveniently located Starbucks on the race route.
I'm sure it didn't effect our time at all!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now We Are Four

Once upon a time I had no children, and I was told that I would never have any.
Then on a snowy afternoon in February of 2002 I had some blood drawn by a large Jamaican woman, while huge slowflakes 2-3 inches across blew outside the doctors office window. I watched them swirl and wondered what it was that they were going to say was wrong with me once they determined that I wasn't pregnant.
That afternoon I got the news that changed my life.

When he was One he got to sit in the Pilot's seat of the monorail at DisneyWorld
and meet the Mouse.

Now he is four and made his own birthday cake, indignantly telling me "I can DO it Mom, let ME do it!"
You are exactly right baby boy. You can do it.
You can do anything. You are my miracle.

I Need To Know

Would someone please tell me if when you view my blog all of my links and everything are placed properly at the right, or if you have to scroll WAY down to see them, below all of my entries?
They were lined up properly but now when I view my blog they are all in the wrong place - but I was wondering how they look to YOU?