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Friday, April 29, 2011

Then They Turned Seven

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people on the Earth.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Look Daddy Look!

That is totally what she is doing. GLEEFULLY showing her Daddy what she has found!

We normally do my Twins club easter party which is always so much fun, but this year we had a conflict with soccer so we decided to try the Fernbank Museum DINOSAUR EGG hunt. ZOINKS did we have fun.

I love Easter Egg hunts. Even if they really are just mad dashes for eggs you can see. There is something so joyful about them.
The Fernbank really puts on a nice event. Complete with an dinosaur bounce house that POOPS you out when your play time is over.
Nothing says SPRING like popping out of a dino butt I always say.

The girl wasn't exactly sure WHAT we were doing but she liked it regardless.
We had smoothies out on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was lovely.

Now I'm like, PFEW - DONE with Easter. What holiday is next..............

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Last Baby Turns One

We have a tradition in this family. On your first birthday, you get to go to Disney World for your party. Since we used to live in Florida it wasn't that huge of a production (lie it totally was) but since our baby girl was turning one, we saw no reason she shouldn't get what everyone else did.
So we gave her a Minnie Mouse to love for the trip and headed south.

Her first ride ever was THE PEOPLE MOVER in FUTURE WORLD at Magic Kingdom which she loved. It has been long enough since we lived in Florida that almost everything we did was new to everyone, or at least the oldest boy didn't quite remember everything accurately.
He kept swearing that they'd changed things.
The littler boys loved it although they mostly weren't sure what we were doing a lot of the time. They were excited and with so much to see, they were pretty exhausted at the end of every day.

As we did stuff like the Jungle Cruise (above - we're going under the waterfall which the boys loved) I would get teary eyed.
It was a weird combination of joy and melancholy. I cry a lot since I had kids. Watching their joy over the silliest things gets to me. Watching how things are new and amazing, even when I've seen them like 50 times - is also pretty breathtaking. It's like seeing things for the first time, when I experience them with my children.
My baby is one. Where did the year go?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Frozen Lemonade

Is the best thing in the world in the hot Florida sun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We are off to see captain jack

And a certain mouse

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Guess who is almost one?

She is a big girl. Plus I wanted to test blogging from my phone. Wheee technology.


The Evolution of Nijas

The Boy Says "MOM! Did you see that awesome commercial with ninjas who have lightsabers?"
Me "No."
He replies "Well, that's probably the natural evolution of ninja's don't you agree? Lightsabers? They'll probably all become Jedi."

Ummmm, yes?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


About 2pm on Monday, my stomach started to hurt. Nothing epic, more of a "man I have a tummy ache" sort of hurt. It progressed as I went through my day into a "If I could just throw up I am sure I'd feel better" sort of discomfort, gradually moving into pain.
By 7pm it had ratcheted up into some major sort of pain. The sort that might actually be gas and make you feel quite stupid about kicking up a terrible fuss over. But, it got steadily worse. I took some of the baby's gas drops, no lie I did. I drank some hot tea which two drinks of set me on fire.
And then I started throwing up.

At which point the husband drove me to the ER.

After getting admitted to the ER and hooked up with an I.V they immediately pushed in some painkillers and some anti nausea something or other as I'd also barfed in their waiting room and during triage. (I was feeling MIGHTY pretty). It was an amazing feeling, whatever they gave me went WHOOOSH up the back of my skull and immediately I was feeling floaty and fine.

This lasted about 20 minutes or so.

Then, suddenly, the pain went like this HELLO I AM BACK NAO!

And I was dying again.

They gave me something to drink, something with lidocaine in it and it lasted about 10 minutes before the pain came screaming back as well.

So - more went into the I.V.

I was fairly loopy by that time. I slept some. They came in and did Ultrasound and Xray - which I also mostly slept through and then the pain came back and I got MORE drugs. By then, I was full fledged zombie.

It's fun to text people when you're completely whacked on meds. I don't have most of my contacts in my new phone yet, so don't be sad if I didn't text ya.

I spent yesterday in an drug induced haze but today I feel good enough to be hungry. But NOT great.

Friday I go to the gastro doctor to talk to him and to most likely set up an appointment to get a scope down my throat. I hope I can keep the pics. I'll TOTALLY BLOG THEM.

Gross, eh?

Can't help it.

Till then, bland diet. No caffeine, no CHOCOLATE (bastards), nothing GOOD to eat at all.

I had a dream my husband made me appetizers of saltines with mashed potatoes on top.
That's a sign of things to come.......isn't it.

OH - and our money is on ULCER.
Feel free to leave your best in the comments.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Place To Just Be Us

On Saturday the local Autism Support group held a family cookout event and we packed up the troops and went over.
Here is what is great about it.
We're not THOSE people. The ones you are staring at because you can't quite figure out what is going on at our table. Why are those big kids in diapers? Why are they drinking from sippee cups?
What is going ON?
Well, we've got two autistic kids yeah two baby. They were buy one get one free in the delivery room. What can I say?

It's such a wonderful organization. There was fishing provided and we even got to touch yucky fish and you know how great THAT was?

And there were horses to ride which surprisingly was a BIG hit.

And it was just NICE. Nice not to be the crazy people in a room. Rather, we're just like everyone else, a bit off. But it was really nice.
It's hard to explain to other people, because when they aren't your kids, you don't really FEEL the eyeballs.

For a few hours on Saturday, we were just like everyone else.

It was awesome.

This One Is Just For Grandma

She likes to bounce.