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Monday, April 25, 2011

Look Daddy Look!

That is totally what she is doing. GLEEFULLY showing her Daddy what she has found!

We normally do my Twins club easter party which is always so much fun, but this year we had a conflict with soccer so we decided to try the Fernbank Museum DINOSAUR EGG hunt. ZOINKS did we have fun.

I love Easter Egg hunts. Even if they really are just mad dashes for eggs you can see. There is something so joyful about them.
The Fernbank really puts on a nice event. Complete with an dinosaur bounce house that POOPS you out when your play time is over.
Nothing says SPRING like popping out of a dino butt I always say.

The girl wasn't exactly sure WHAT we were doing but she liked it regardless.
We had smoothies out on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was lovely.

Now I'm like, PFEW - DONE with Easter. What holiday is next..............


Lets Go Travel Kenya (Safaris) said...

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Marlee said...

Your family is beauuuutiful! You all look so happy! And what great photographs to remember the day. Great post!