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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


About 2pm on Monday, my stomach started to hurt. Nothing epic, more of a "man I have a tummy ache" sort of hurt. It progressed as I went through my day into a "If I could just throw up I am sure I'd feel better" sort of discomfort, gradually moving into pain.
By 7pm it had ratcheted up into some major sort of pain. The sort that might actually be gas and make you feel quite stupid about kicking up a terrible fuss over. But, it got steadily worse. I took some of the baby's gas drops, no lie I did. I drank some hot tea which two drinks of set me on fire.
And then I started throwing up.

At which point the husband drove me to the ER.

After getting admitted to the ER and hooked up with an I.V they immediately pushed in some painkillers and some anti nausea something or other as I'd also barfed in their waiting room and during triage. (I was feeling MIGHTY pretty). It was an amazing feeling, whatever they gave me went WHOOOSH up the back of my skull and immediately I was feeling floaty and fine.

This lasted about 20 minutes or so.

Then, suddenly, the pain went like this HELLO I AM BACK NAO!

And I was dying again.

They gave me something to drink, something with lidocaine in it and it lasted about 10 minutes before the pain came screaming back as well.

So - more went into the I.V.

I was fairly loopy by that time. I slept some. They came in and did Ultrasound and Xray - which I also mostly slept through and then the pain came back and I got MORE drugs. By then, I was full fledged zombie.

It's fun to text people when you're completely whacked on meds. I don't have most of my contacts in my new phone yet, so don't be sad if I didn't text ya.

I spent yesterday in an drug induced haze but today I feel good enough to be hungry. But NOT great.

Friday I go to the gastro doctor to talk to him and to most likely set up an appointment to get a scope down my throat. I hope I can keep the pics. I'll TOTALLY BLOG THEM.

Gross, eh?

Can't help it.

Till then, bland diet. No caffeine, no CHOCOLATE (bastards), nothing GOOD to eat at all.

I had a dream my husband made me appetizers of saltines with mashed potatoes on top.
That's a sign of things to come.......isn't it.

OH - and our money is on ULCER.
Feel free to leave your best in the comments.


Laura said...

Sure does sound like an ulcer. You've already had your gallbladder out, right?