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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I used to love the Arts And Literature

Now in the Kingdom of Parenthood.....
I love
  • THIS

  • The New Stroller has arrived.

    Let's Roll.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    A Special Gift For the Queen Of Spain

    Lighten Up


    During the two weeks I was in tooth hell and then recovering from tooth hell I puton six pounds.
    This past week.......
    I took it back off.


    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    Soccer Mom in The Making

    In what can only be described as some sort of crossover into Bizarro World, I have accepted the role of PlayGroups Coordinator for my Twins Club. Now, I love my Twins club actually. They are very supportive, terribly terribly helpful to expectant and new moms and they are a huge resource of information. Also, when you're losing your mind with newborn twins it's nice to be able to look at other people who HAVE these older children who were ONCE like yours and see that they indeed survived.
    But, PlayGroups Coordinator? Isn't that a job for someone who knits and makes crafts? I am totally not that mom. But, the club board membership has dwindled as the demographics of the club changed and suddenly we had a small group of people all holding two and three offices just to get things done. Which is sort of stupid.
    I certainly don't have TIME to DO more, or participate more etc.....so as the openings mounted in the board positions I thought - well, I guess I could coordinate the play groups.
    Seems a bit silly since I can't actually GO to any of them.....but it's like a once a week obligation to put together items for the bulletin board and then for the newsletter once a month. And to organize the holiday parties, which actually will probably be fun.
    So I sit here and wonder..........who have I become? I'm still the same person. I'm rocking out to Korn on the way to work.
    I'm also making sure my fellow twin moms know when the Mommy and Me classes are.

    Those two aren't mutually exclusive........are they?

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    The Things We Say

    About five minutes ago after having stared at the Discovery Toys catalog longingly for over an hour, Louis came out of the back of the house carrying a big box of MEGABLOX. He announces he wants to build things. I say "Oh lord, Lou, Mommy doesn't want to pick all those up tonight....do you have to play with those?" at which point he sits down hard on the ground, big tears streaming down his face and says "I'm losing my mind." It took me a minute...and then I figured it out.

    When he's crying and sobbing about stuff that makes no sense (to anyone except a three year old), I turn into my mother and say "Have you lost your MIND? Are you crying about THIS?" My mother is a very practical mother, and I don't mean this in a
    bad way at all. My mom just wants you to make sense. And she doesn't assume that just because you are only 3 that you can't make sense and use reason.

    So as I look at him, not actually throwing a fit but very sad that I'm not willing to be inconvenieced by this many pieced toy......I feel overcome with guilt. I have no good reason not to let him play other than it's 9:30 at night. So I said "Did you just say that you are losing your mind?" Which he confirmed. At that point what could I say but "Hey, why don't you play with your blocks after all?"

    As we speak he tells me he is building the Great Wall of China.
    And yes, he's 3.

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    This Sign Can Only Mean One Thing

    It's STATE FAIR TIME PEOPLE! That's Right! And in the McNeal Family Household we've got a couple of rules. All food eaten at the Fair should either be ON A STICK or DEEP FRIED. If you can get something BOTH deep fried AND on a stick, well that is just a bonus. I think you'll agree that we did very well. We started out our adventure with some Pork Butt on a Stick and some Deep Fried Oreos. You can see that they had a really snappy sign. We sort of thought that they were a bit lame, honestly. Here Scott shows you one! Not really worth ALL of the fat and the cookie was just sort of soft and not melty or good.

    We had to go and see the animals.......of course. We got to see a calf born, here is mama cow seconds away from having her young pulled out by a cowboy. And what sort of SICK ASS irony is it that TYSON sponsors the baby chick hatching? Dude, can we just eat them NOW?

    Okay well regardless. We had a great time seeing animals, and eating deep fried candy bars and deep fried twinkies, and popcorn and corn dogs and philly cheese steak and cotton candy......and of course. Riding Rides...
    Here you see Lou and I having a great time on the carousel. It was about 45 degrees.....ridiculously cold in Tampa Florida I tell you. Swirling around on the carousel we were teeth chattering and freezing! And no trip to the fair is complete without the requiste 6 foot Purple Snake for a Prize....now is it? It was indeed a fun family day. They didn't seem to have the traditional "Worlds Largest Hog" that you'll find up in the Midwest....but hey, it was a pretty good time even without that.

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    8 Days Of Hell

    Okay so not completely 8 Days.
    A very brief background. A few months ago I had two root canals that went remarkably well. I've since scheduled my first crown. I went in, got all drilled up, got my temporary crown and was fit as a fiddle. They said it would take 2 weeks to get my porcelain crown in and they'd just pop it on when it came in. No problem - right?
    So last Thursday, - over a week ago, I sort of had this ache in that tooth. Not bad, just not good. Sort of uncomfortable. Take two tylenol, no four, but then it's okay.
    Friday, pain gets worse. I'm popping pills all day at work to stay ahead of the pain, man it really hurts. I go out to a concert Friday night (Little River Band and Dennis DeYoung with a ROCK Orchestra, heehee) and I'm popping pills most of the night, again trying to stay ahead of the pain.
    Saturday, pain gets worse at some points but is mostly manageable, but it's worse.
    Superbowl Sunday. In the morning and early afterntoon, pain is escalating...but manageable. By game time, my mouth is screaming. The pain is rolling up into my ear. I can only describe it as the feeling of red-hot pincers, pinching me in the gum - and twisting. Scott had prepared much fantastic food, but I could barely eat. I'm taking 4 advil - they aren't phasing the pain. The pain is moving into my ear. I'm in hell. At night, it gets worse and worse. I'm crying like mad, like a little girl sometimes and Scott is trying to get me to go to the ER. I decline and finally sleeps takes over.
    I wake up, call my Denstist who gets me in immediately.
    She sends me off to the endodontist - saying "oh we might have to repeat your root canal in that tooth."
    The endodontist gets me in immediately and says "OH hey, this is rare. Some people are sensitive to this acrylic that the temp crowns are made from. It causes an inflammation that can become infected. That is what happened - you have an abscessed gum. Take your antibiotics and your pain killers and good luck. Come back in week if you are not better. I go to work. The pain is escalating. I go home at like 2pm.
    I go to bed. I stay in bed on Tuesday and Wednesday. I spend most of those days sobbing, sleeping, being VERY upset about how much the vicodin the prescribed me is NOT working at all....how screwed up is it that advil is working better?
    On Wednesday the fog begins to clear by the evening.
    Thursday I go to work but Thursday night the pain goes right back to HELL levels a few times. I wake up struggling to get to the kitchen to scarf down pain meds. I'm so unbelievably tired when work time comes I have to roll in late.
    And so here we are.

    And the pain is ramping back up for the evening. Yippee-ki-yay.

    The plan currently is to do a root canal "retreatment" on that tooth on Monday at noon if I'm not better. That tooth is somewhat sensitive to heat and cold now that the swelling of the abscess is going down......which makes me think I'll just go ahead and do it.

    Should be a charming Monday.

    Wish me luck people. I need it.

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Superbowl Food Recap

    A smattering of the treats enjoyed at my house on Superbowl Sunday while we did NOT enjoy the Steelers win were......
    Sausage Stars, sometimes calls Sausage Starfish. Justin's Recipe - Take a bow Justin! We also feasted on little weenies in the traditional grape jelly/bbq sauce mix.

    But a real star in the food category this year was the pulled pork that Scott whipped up from a pork tenderloin he made a few days ago. He had originally covered the tenderloin with fresh fruit. He pulped up the fruit and added it to the shredded pork. Then he spiced it all up and it made for a sweet but HOT HOT HOT yummy treat.

    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Your Children Are SO Well Behaved

    While I'm vegetating on this superbowl Sunday pre-game I was thinking about something parent related that I wanted to share. It's the sexism that is involved in parenting. I work about 50 hours a week as Director of Operations for a call center. My husband stays home and takes care of our children. If they are well mannered, kind, play well with others, etc, it's because of the time and energy that he has put into them. It's not that I don't parent, but frankly I'm not here that much. I'm at work. So when we are out at dinner and people come up to compliment ME on how well mannered our children are, at how they didn't even KNOW there will children near them because they were so quiet - well needless to say it's frustrating to him. Now there is no way that anyone should assume that he is responsible. But maybe they should compliment us BOTH. Aren't chances just as good that we dump them at a sitter all day and we BOTH work 80 hours a week so some random caregiver is responsible for their good behavior? Or, equally, even if we both did work outside the home, couldn't we both be good enough influences to have created well behaved children?
    Why is it that by default MOM gets the compliment?
    It's nice to get the compliment, but maybe, just maybe, we should compliment both parents.
    Just a thought. (But thanks for the compliments, Scott has raised some pretty well mannered boys).


    First off, have you met my sons Louis and Miles Atlas?
    Okay, that ball is like one of the most fought over toys in the house. If you have ever been to Disney World you've seen them, these balls that they suspend over an air machine, some of them are huge. Santa delivered this one, and everyone loves it. Louis especially loves to show you where China is, because this is where we get our Chinese food from, or so he says.
    We've begun our Superbowl feasting, starting our day with Cherry and Apple Turnovers.......YUMMY! There is only more food to come people. Let's go SEAHAWKS!

    Saturday, February 04, 2006

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    Let's Go Seahawks LET'S GO!

    I am ready for the Seahawks to EAT the Steelers tomorrow. Not that I believe this will happen, but I will be so AMAZINGLY happy if it does, I may NEVER Stop dancing.
    I am ready for Superbowl Sunday. We've been watching "You're in the Superbowl Charlie Brown" in anticipation of the big game. Louis informed me at dinner that tomorrow is "A Football Holiday" and that this is why I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
    The kid has remarkable insight. If football has a holiday, it's definitely TOMORROW!
    GO SEAHAKS!!!!!

    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    Return to The Wang

    Okay so life has been mad and I haven't been blogging.
    I thought I would return (with Scott's encouragement to tell it) with a Lou story.
    We picked up my mom from the airport last week. Louis and I went to the airport and picked her up around midnight. We sat in baggage claim patiently until all the people from her plane began descending down the escalators. Louis RAN across terminal shrieking "GRANDMA!" in joy and gave her a big hug.
    Then he steps back.
    Hikes down his jeans and pointing at his crotch yells "Look what I have! UNDERPANTS! I don't pee in my pants any more!!"
    As I frantically pull his pants BACK up while all the passengers laughed, I had to admit it was funny.
    When we got to the car he announces "Grandma, I am not supposed to show my underpants in public. I did it for a joke."
    That's good stuff people.