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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Can't Find His Shirt........

Because I'm living out of boxes still.

But I woke up realizing I didn't know where the shirt was, and that I needed it today but it's buried in the avalanche of moving.

If I could find it I'd have it on.

I'm both fascinated and annoyed with Wikipedia's summary of events. I guess all events become just factual....the emotions fade and drift and it all boils down to just the XYZ of the post-mortem examination of the tragedy itself.

When trying to decide what to say today to honor my friend who is gone, I realized that what I said last year was probably best......

I have put a lot of thought into what I was going to say today.

I didn't really come up with anything good.

I feel it's more important to make sure whatever occupies this space is about Bobby, not about me, and I think I'm too deeply engrossed in my own selfish grief to honestly write something like that.

But Porter helped me out. He sent me an email and said:

I need to send you a few “Bobbyisms”……

-Bacon and cheese make all food better
-Sometimes you gotta choke somebody to make an example for the rest of the team
-You try to sleep with every girl you date. If she does it, she is a whore, don’t go out with her again. If she won’t sleep with you, she has potential.
-You never drink lemon-lime Gatorade…especially if it’s warm.
-Rubbing someone’s ear can make anything better. Especially if they are virgin (un-pierced) ears.
-You know you’re team is going to have a good year if they have a few thugs playing for them. If you have too many “nice guys” your team is gonna suck.
-Michael Jackson is innocent.

Which reminded me that Bobby was one of the first people who didn't stare at me like I was insane when I told him I was going to name my son Louis. His response was "Oh HELL yeah, you gotta call him Louie. Because Louie is a guy who will always pick up the round when it's his turn."

To Bobby.
We miss you man.
I miss you.

*** Post Script - my husband went through boxes in the garage until he found Bobby's shirt.
Hoosier Favorite?!?!


Michele in Lex said...

Yesterday was weird around here; there wasn't much mention of 5191 and the paper had nothing. There were a few memorials that were taking place around the city and it's neighbors but I have a bad feeling that next year will be even quieter. Sad in a way! I put a new sticker on my car since the old one got fried by the rear window defogger and all I could think about was Bobby! Glad to hear you are still in touch with Porter and I hope he is doing well.
Take care and have a nice Labor Day weekend.