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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Cheesy Snowman

If you weren't aware, sometimes my husband is amazingly brilliant. I've been responsible for two parties at the my twins club, and as the hostess I'm fairly inept. Hosting children's parties, not in my skillset. Kicking corporate executives in the nuts and making them do my bidding....yes.....what games do four year olds like? Not so much.
So like a genius he dug around on Martha Stewart's website and not only found something cool to make for the party......HE MADE IT AND IT WAS COOL AS CAN BE.
BEHOLD.......I GIVE YOU.......
The Cheesy Snowman. A Cheeseball. Times Three. With a pumpernickel Hat.

That's right. My husband made this. And took it to the party I was hosting.

Sometimes he rocks.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

The pumpernickel hat? Totally slays me. Awesome.

Frank said...

Actually, I always rock.

John the Repressed-ist said...

That is totally friggin' AWESOME!

Guess what John's bringing to his next Holiday Food Day at work?!?

(Where did the Lorax find his recipe, exactly....?)