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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh, Jones Soda - What is WRONG With You People?

The Husband and I have been Jones Soda fans for as long as we've been together. It's a tasty treat, the flavors are unique and even their "regular" soda pop flavors are really good. It's good stuff. It's unique, the bottles are really cool and each one has a different photo on the label. You can even send in your photos to get one on a bottle.
However, they have this tradition of making a holiday meal version of their sodas. That's right. Turkey and Gravy. Dinner Roll. Sweet Potato. PEA. You see? It's like a soda pop journey through your traditional holiday meal. We got brave this year and bought one of their sets - which includes the above flavors AND Antacid flavor. So far we've made it through what we anticipated would be the GROSS flavors, Turkey and Gravy, Dinner Roll and Pea. I am sure that the antacid has some chalky mint flavor. We're saving Sweet Potato and the Antacid for another day, maybe tomorrow. But seriously, those first three?

EWWW EWWW EWWW EWWW. They not only didn't taste like their names, they made me kind of queasy. They were disgusting. Just to make sure it was a family experience, we made the 4 year old try some as well. Here you see him having a sip of the PEA flavor (which he kept giggling maniacally and declaring that it was "PEE" flavor. However, after taking a drink he ran into the other room frantically searching for his water. So the family votes that we're not such big fans of the Holiday Meal flavors. But we still like their other, tasty flavors. Such as Sugar Plum! I'll be breaking one of those out later.

I will buy the Holiday Meal Flavor Gift packs now just as gifts, and laugh hysterically as I hand them out.


Becky said...

Happy New Year!

tammy said...

Gross. You are a very brave person (family) to even try any of those flavors.

Elizabeth said...

Turkey and gravy flavored soda? That is just nasty. But, Jones Soda gets people to buy them, so they are brilliant marketers!

Devra said...

I truly would fear any soda named "Latkes and applesauce". Do they make that one?

Gidge said...

I think Gefilte fish soda would be far nastier.

lumpyheadsmom said...

ew. I'm so horrified, I don't know what else to say. Yuck.