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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Little Fluff

I haven't done a "How You Got Here" post in a while, and they always crack me up a bit - I love seeing what you googled to end up here. Then I post what you googled to get here and I just get more hits for that. It's a vicious cycle.
Regardless, the latest list:
Bordom - Apparently neither of us can spell.
Picture of the living nativity at the wang - please tell me there is a place called the Wang and that it isn't anything like I imagine.
Snowman cheeseball pumpernickel hat - WHAT? You couldn't remember what website I told you we got it from?
Marthat Stewart Snowman Cheeseball - See this person remembered where he found the recipe.
Camoflaged baby clothes - That would be available at Cabelas.
Mirena - Yes I'm still implanted. I'm not 100% that it doesn't make me a little crazy from time to time.
Wynton Marsalis Anti Semite - I seriously never posted about this. Is he an anti-semite? I have no information here as he and I are not close.
Puss Sack hard like skin - I gotta quit blogging about my gross body stuff.
Mirena IUD Twins - Yes to both. But no I wasn't on Mirena pre-twins - I am using the Mirena to block further twins.
What a long strange ride it has been - Google is so weird.
Snowman Cheeseball - Yes it was cool, I understand why you keep searching for it.
Martha Stewart Snowman Cheeseball - Oh good GRIEF HERE IT IS!