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Friday, December 05, 2014

When You Stop and Think About How Lucky You Are

My husband and I randomly started thinking last night about all of the amazing random things we've done and seen last night. In 46 years, we've had quite the adventure. It makes me feel really good to think about this list. It's amazing when you consider MOST of the Earth won't get to do all of these things, or even some of them. It's when you stop and consider how much you've had already that you can appreciate your life sometimes, and how fortunate you are. Some of our list from last night and more:

  • We've seen The Persistence of Memory
  • We've seen Warhol's Soup Cans - all of them
  • We've seen The Girl with the Pearl Earring
  • We've seen a large collection of the Dutch Masters
  • We've seen more than on Pollock
  • We've been to Disney World ( a ridiculous number of times)
  • We've been on airplanes and trains, I've been on a cruise ship
  • I've been at elevation 14,110 feet - Pikes Peak
  • I've been inside a real castle (more than one)
  • I've been to Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy and France
  • I've been to the Bahamas
  • We've both been to Canada
  • We've gambled in Casinos
  • We've been to Vegas (but never together)
  • We've been to Graceland
  • We had children when they said we could not
  • He's been deep sea fishing
  • We had twins
  • We've seen a whale shark
  • We've seen beluga whales
  • I've been inside large caves
  • I've been to where Abraham Lincoln was born
  • I've been to where Mozart was born (I opted to go shoe shopping rather than go inside though)
  • We've seen a large collection of Dali and also Warhol
  • We've been to an Opera (La Boheme - the paper warned it would be sung in Italian)
  • We've been to plays
  • We've been to a wine tasting (a fancy Valentine's one)
  • We've seen every corny Christmas Lights display we could every where we've lived (seriously we love them)
  • We've seen pandas
This isn't even close to a full list. This is just me with a cup of coffee full of creamer and raw sugar trying to remember what we said last night and thinking up a few more.  Thinking about what you've done, what you've been privileged enough to experience, the art, the music, the beauty of the world - it's a breathtaking thing to reflect upon.

We're not even close to done. I want to see everything and do everything.

My bucket list?


And now, a random pic of Darth Julia enjoying Room on the Broom. Because that's part of everything too.