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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

With A Compass In The Stock And This Thing Which Tells Time

Childhood traditions are weird things. They all make sense to me, having been a child myself, but for a long time I wondered why they are what they are. Then I became an adult and realized I'm the one who makes up what the traditions are in my house (well the husband and I do). At our house one thing that seems like it's becoming a tradition is going to Bass Pro Shops Christmas event. They move all of the boats out of the showroom and turn it into a Christmas wonderland for kids, and everything is free.
We sat down for a long time at the craft table, coloring furiously and saving our crafts for home (maybe today!) and Louis was put in charge of writing to Santa for the little ones. Miles had already come to this event with this class and written his letter to Santa - he would like a xylophone. I believe Santa got this message a bit late, so we'll have to see about that.
I presume that Miles already having written his letter is why he's picking his nose so calmly.
This is one of my favorite things I have to admit, I love the writing of letters to Santa. This is when they divulge their heart's desires - stuff they don't even tell to Mom and dad. Louis asked for a back pack with roller wheels because his is so heavy. Julia wants all the things we told her she can't have. I'm not sure where we are with the Santa lore and Louis. I "think" he knows but I can't decide. I'm a firm believer that if you don't believe he doesn't come, so I haven't broached it. 
Louis reminded us he wants a cross bow, at which time we realized that would've been good information PRIOR to us doing all our holiday shopping  as cross bows aren't inexpensive on a good day. I'm guessing the toy one he and Julia shot at targets isn't what he had in mind. 
So while we won't ever be a hunting and shooting family (probably), I love the family tradition of going to Bass Pro and having a Christmas afternoon with all of their toys and games.
We're probably at the end of Louis being interested in some of the stuff. I've got 12 solid years of photos of Louis riding carousels. That seems like it might be a lot. But in our house carousels have got to be ridden, it's a moral imperative! So we all piled onto the one for another year. I'm guessing that by next year we'll get the eye roll and groan if we suggest it.
This is my attempt at a photo of the kids. It's easier to herd cats than it is to get them to all stand still AND look at me. Well I got half of it done. Miles is actually SAYING cheese. 

At least vanity compels the girl to cooperate! 

Merry Christmas from us to you and yours. I hope yours is full of love, if nothing else.