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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Not So Wintry Days

Years ago, when I still lived in Kentucky even, my friend Christa shared that if you signed up to be a Makers Mark ambassador they'd send you free cute address labels. As someone who sends Christmas cards and appreciates free address labels I said HEY that works and signed up. I've been a member now forever. They send newsletters, and notices & invites to events which actually look pretty cool. If I were local I would probably even attend some of them.

Since I'm not, however, what I have experienced is their annual Christmas gift which is pretty awesome most years. Usually it's something to decorate your favorite bottle of Makers. A hat once, a sweater once, and this year it was a scarf. It turns out that at my house these items also perfectly fit a wee tiger named Tigger who is now perfectly geared for outdoor activities since adding his new scarf this year. Julia is convinced that they send them just for Tigger.
It doesn't feel remotely like Christmas to me this year. I don't know why. The kids are excited, the tree is up. I've decided which cookies we'll make for Mr. Claus (Sour Cream Cookies). I have most of the husband's gifts bought. But it's not so cold, it's kind of rainy and I don't have the holiday fever yet. I don't know why. The atmosphere is gloomy, my house isn't happy it seems like someone is always screaming or crying or yelling,despite the decorations and cheer we put up.

Five days. I need some Christmas spirit to hit me. I'm hopeful it gets here. It's my favorite holiday - so why I'm not feeling it I don't know.