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Monday, December 29, 2014

Where Is Fancy Bred?

It's interesting how passions and interests pop up in individuals outside of the "norm" of the family. We are not a bike riding family. I wish we were but it's complicated. I remember getting my own bike, and the amazing freedom it afforded. Of course, I lived in a small town where you could ride anywhere and we did, all summer long.
The girl fell in love with what she dubs "A huffy bike" and has since begged for it for months now. Why? I don't know. The basket on the front? Possible.
So for three days she rode it up and down the hall practicing learning to pedal. She woke up on the 26th and sat on her bike while I made breakfast.
We took it out for a night ride, just some practicing up and down the road for a bit last night, she did a pretty good job.
It's her independence I think that attracts her to this bike. She tells me she can have adventures on it, and she and Tigger are going for a picnic. She says her basket will also hold Hershey bars which are going on said picnic with them. I'm invited, I'm told - but I need a bike.

She reminds me of my brother, longing for fishing and being outdoors while growing up in a condo. I remember when he got a tackle box and a fishing pole and suddenly his world was complete.
I kind of love her passion for her bike. It's infectious.
I can't wait to go on this Hershey Bar picnic.