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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

An Homage to My Middle School Home Ec Teachers

My mom majored in Home Economics Education. That means that despite the fact that I'm lazy and don't cook, she did teach me a lot of the basics of baking and the kitchen. (Make note, I can bake - I don't cook).
When I was in middle school, we had home economics teachers who seemed to think that all foods kids needed to learn to make could be made out of those biscuits in a can. You can make pretzels, or pizzas, or apple turnovers, or beef wellington (with a hamburger patty inside), you can make cinnamon sugar donuts, you can make - BISCUITS.
I feel like it was the worst sort of phoning it in, and they weren't actually teaching anyone anything except all the things you can make with canned biscuits which isn't really all that helpful as biscuits every meal doesn't seem like a good idea.
Personally I do think, though, that letting kids bake stuff is a good idea as my facebook can attest to. But it keeps them busy and they love to do it.
We made cookies on Sunday and even the twins can get in on the action when it's cut out cookies. Charlie just wanted to eat the dough mostly, but we got him to cut out a couple.
There was a lot of variation in our gingerbread men, we also had a house, and an M and an N. We also had the fabled NINJABREAD MEN. Julia made a big circle for her Daddy. Daddy needs a big cookie she declared.
Miles felt certain that he should taste test them.

For our evening meal Louis wanted to make something together so I called upon my impressive arsenal of Home Economics formal education and we made these.
BBQ Chicken that's shredded, and cheese, stuffed inside crescent rolls. Oh Home Ec teachers of Perry Township - I did you proud !