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Sunday, December 14, 2014

When Mom Gets It Worse

On Friday night Charlie didn't eat. That only means one thing, Charlie is very sick.  He further proved that theory true by puking all over the white sofa, and his bed. However, after two episodes he fell into a restful sleep and that was the end of it.

Then Mom got it.

I felt weird and not great when I woke up. I realized something, the past few times I've woken up and my coffee tastes like poison chemicals I've thrown up that same day. But I didn't see it coming yesterday. I had plans for aerobics, and I ate healthy and felt pretty good. Until about 3.

At 3 it was a wave of nausea and I felt like, if I JUST SLEPT I'd feel better. I realized that I had Charlie's bug, but I felt that I was mentally strong enough to fight of a couple of pukes and that if I just laid down a bit I would get better. Two and a half hours later, in the grips of unbelievable nausea and terrible pain I realized I was going to lose.

Charlie threw up twice. I experienced what I'm going to refer to as THE PURGE. While hummus was such a great choice when planning my lunch wrap it was a horror show the second time. Everything was. 


For over six hours my body rid itself of every bit of fluid it could find - the food was gone in the first 20 minutes. My thirst got unreal but all drinks of water just came right back. I tried taking some medicine, it came right back up. I couldn't think. Dehydration is a bitch. 

By about 1130 everything just stopped, leaving me a sweaty, gross mess who wasn't even tired but was so weak and exhausted sleep wasn't a problem. 

This morning I've got my green gatorade making me think I might live. I'd love a coffee but somehow it seems ill advised. Maybe in an hour or two I will try a cup. I dropped four pounds in six hours. I figure the plus side of yesterday is that I get to remove all my caloric intake from MY FITNESS PAL for yesterday, amirite?

Me and my electrolytes and are going to sit here and be coherent and hope I'm well enough to go get Louis from his Boy Scout campout. His father was up most of the night doing much needed shopping so I need to go and let him sleep. 

Come on gatorade, don't fail me now.