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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Puzzle From Hello Kitty Hell

My friend from school is living a life of adventure with her daughter as a teacher in the far east. When she and her daughter recently went on vacation, they flew on EVA air which if you are a HELLO KITTY fan, you know as HELLO KITTY AIRLINES. No really, they have Hello Kitty planes.
She sent me a box of goodies, some from the plane (Hello Kitty Barf Bag anyone?) and some from a shop at the airport. We've been through most of it, but there was a puzzle I'd never opened and yesterday Julia wanted to work the puzzle. She's a fan of puzzles and I've been a crabby mom over this weekend so I said sure, let's do that.
It was when I opened it that I started cursing whatever deity Hello Kitty reports to.
I swore it said round. Round like a circle. No. It wasn't round. IT WASN'T ROUND AT ALL.
What it was, was a 3D puzzle. Do you know how hard it is to do this? AND KEEP IT TOGETHER? It's REALLY REALLY HARD. The plus size was, the kind people who made it also numbered the pieces and put on little arrows on the back to help you sort what went where.
You see it's an airplane. Although it was less of something to do together and more of something for her to watch Mom do. She pretty well thought it was awesome, and I let her put the stickers on the wings.
Playing with it? You can forget it. NO ONE IS EVER PLAYING WITH IT. Well at least not until we get some glue to seal it.

I'll get you Jennifer ! How dare you send me such a cute but hard puzzle !!
Kidding, thanks. It was fun once I stopped grumbling.