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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Halloween Happens

We do like Halloween. Last night the temperatures where dropping, and the mountains were getting snow, but we managed to go about threatening strangers until they gave us candy in relative precipitation free weather. We made our rounds around the neighbors that we like (NOT YOU NEIGHBORS WHO ARE AHOLES) and we brought in a mighty haul of sugar laden goodness.

I feel bad, in past years I've managed to muster the strength to do stuff ALL WEEK the week before the big night, but this year I was like eh, there will be candy on Friday. I need to get on my A game and do the more thematic mommy stuff. I did manage to dig out the Halloween books for story time each night.

That feel like a mommy victory.

Julia's little friend from next door came over to show off his Ninja ways, which obviously were apparently anyway. Ok not really the kid will never be stealthy enough to be a Ninja. They were both so cute and excited to show off their costumes, it was adorable.

The magic of Halloween is something I don't forget even from when I was a kid, maybe that's why I love it so much. I love to see what everyone else will be, and the excitement everyone shares when the big night finally arrives.

Halloween is magic.

After we went to so many houses that Julia said "Can we stop now?" we made our traditional post trick or treat pilgrimage to Chillis, the COLDEST restaurant near the Mall of Georgia. It could be raining ice and this place would have on it's AC. I think we just go to see how cold it would be, really. Also because we had free kids meal coupons. We had about five years worth of Halloween Meals for free. We're now out, so hey NEXT YEAR WHO KNOWS what we'll do.
 Also thanks Chillis for putting electronics at the table. I know it might be hard to believe but not everyone allows electronics at the table. Some of us expect our children to look up and converse with the family. They won't be mentally scarred by doing it one time but still, DO NOT WANT.
All in all, Halloween Happened. There were costumes and giggles, and some screaming when dogs came to the door (Miles). There was candy, and excitement, and cold and fun.

I'm going to check that one off as a success.