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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Soccer Warriors

The cold let up long enough for us all to go out to watch Julia's last soccer game of the season. For a day that started out at 26 degrees that was a pretty nice surprise.
She was one of the youngest on her team, most of the other girls were in Kindergarten, more mature for sure, and it was hard for her sometimes to understand that they didn't want to hold hands or hug all the time.  We're going to have to work on keeping our hands to ourselves before we go to school. But she came a long way this season, Suddenly midseason the girls were PLAYING soccer not just following one kid who could handle the ball. She even got some goals this season, on purpose!
The obligatory party afterward, with cupcakes and treats. Yes there were participation awards and while I am generally against those, I have mellowed a bit. Everyone gets one, everyone DID participate and we aren't shouting "You're a winner" so I think I am not being a hypocrite on this one. Mostly not being a hypocrite.
Anyway she's four. Who am I to tell her she's not a winner?