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Friday, November 28, 2014

Time For Thanks and Family And Feeling Like Hell

A nice little trick of the endometrial ablation is that it leaves in tact all the mechanisms of PMS that make me a crazy person monthly. I don't really know when it's coming usually because I forget, but suddenly I'm in the grips of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY and I realize, several hours in, that it's ME - not them.

The worst bit was that yesterday, a day I love and look forward to, I found I couldn't be happy. Everything was making my hair follicles hurt. Everything was making me nuts. Why couldn't everyone be quiet and leave me alone? Why didn't everyone understand that I was going crazy and they were contributing? Their joy earned my irritation. Why? Hormones, that's why.

I looked forward to making eggnog french toast which I did. I immediately did not care for it. It didn't even TASTE good. I felt like I was coming out of my skin all day.

I still don't feel well today. Some combination of stomach problems coupled with falling down the attic ladder because of a missed step and a dose of PMS have made today miserable. I'm trying Ringo.

The good things were, that I did in fact have my little people with the much awaited feast prepared by my amazing cook husband. I didn't feel like taking pics to share my joy but I felt it, at least for a little while.
The boy got his beloved turkey leg, and I made a sugar cream pie which was so rich and good I was instantly happy. Well, less unhappy. Let's not be crazy.
The best part, maybe, was when we decided to do a little light tree trimming. I had some very enthusiastic volunteers both days.
Watching their little faces and the amazing enthusiasm a tree with lights on it brings, well honestly, It was hard to maintain anything like a grumpy face.
I am thankful I have these little people to be crazy with PMS at. I am thankful my husband doesn't strangle me when I'm mad about everything for no reason, and cry all the time. And most of all, I'm just thankful.

Because I'm here, and that's as good as it gets.