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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fright Fest Revisited

I hadn't traumatized my children recently so decided we should go to FRIGHT FEST at Six Flags. I confess, I love it when they flood the park with fog and the monsters come out. Of course, the mom I was 12 years ago would've said OMG TOO SCARY FOR A FOUR YEAR OLD. This older, less uptight mom said, meh she'll be fine.
We're at a weird age. We can do some big rides - like wooden coasters. We actually ALL did a wooden coaster but I think Charlie and I know Julia thought it was too much. But Charlie is too big for little guy rides, which he really kind of likes.
So we ride what we can, and we wade through the spookies and embrace the last day of the spooky season. It was a great day out, especially for the SUPERGIRL.
She did inform us that there were too many monsters. And no, I don't know how she did that with her foot.
It was great and we took advantage some of the special assistance pass for our special little guys. It really helps, but we don't always need it. We try to gauge the situation. It's a definite good resource though for special needs families.
Best part of day? Well they WERE playing White Zombie on the Carousel. Or maybe it was the bacon maple funnel cake. It's really a tie.