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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I'm Still On Leave

My body jumped in to remind me today why I'm still on leave. I feel exactly good enough to be tricked into thinking I'm ok. I would say that for the past three days my abdomen has felt "tender".....which is a far cry from the fiery hell of the first 48 hours after surgery I promise you. My scars are healing nicely (according to the surgeon) and he even alleges that I am likely to be able to consume regular food without it exploding out the other end in a few months.

So you know,I've got THAT going for me.

I guess the trick of it is - you think you have strength where you do not, you think you can do things that in fact you should not. I think it's ok to scoop up a five year old to kiss him and it's a bad plan after all when I feel that warm burning spread across my abdomen.

Just a little biological warning sign - "Hey, stop that now."

The nurses at the short stay unit, whom I called several days ago after getting kicked by a five year old (accidentally) in the stomach, advised that I might experience some discomfort due to "adhesion".

This is another medical gem imparted by the nurses. Apparently when they have your belly all extended and bloated, they knock about a bit with their probes and instruments, separating tissues that have been connected inside you oh, since shortly after your cells differentiated inside your mother's womb to make you a human and not a menstrual cycle.

These tissues do not care for this separation, and can scab up a bit and then as you heal, they are uncomfortable, and can come apart somewhat as you heal AGAIN causing you more discomfort.

How feckin revolting is that. I've got scabs. Tissue scabs. Or some crap like that.

I told my surgeon I had kicked the pain meds, proudly, and he scoffed at me. "Why, take what you need! This is important for healing! You must take them when you feel discomfort it helps your body heal faster when you are not tense and in pain."

So today I took two. Not together, rather in sequence as required. The second seems to be making me feel a bit better. I didn't get dressed today, which is a slip as well - I'd been dressed the past three days.

But I'm cleared to return to the land of the living on June 8 and I'm fairly excited even if I'm worried about this slip.

I might even put clothes on when I go back to work! Unless I can find a way to define these jammies as corporate casual.

Totally unrelated - check out the cool egg I found at an antique shop a while back!


Anonymous said...

Don't let the pain get ahead of you. I have been told this over and over, because I like you, don't take the pain meds. It really does make you feel better and does help you heal.They aren't making you a junkie.....just want you to feel better.

Frank said...

I love you so much and I hope you feel better soon. And I hope you get naked soon. I sure miss naked....Oh, and get the hell out of the house because you are driving me nuts! But you can stay as long as you need to as long as you get naked.

Anonymous said...

lol! Frank is awesome.
I do hope you get well and pain free soon dearest. The land of the living must miss seeing you every day.