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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jon and Kate Derail and I Don't Care

My friend Leslie confesses to me that she's recently just stepping away from the Jon and Kate fever that seems to have consumed everyone lately. I personally have never seen the show and had only heard of them in a cursory way before they started cheated on one another and being abusive or whatever the heck they are up to.
She confessed it like it was a guilty pleasure but of all the people I know, Leslie is the LEAST surprising to have been a watcher of that particular program.
Leslie likes interesting people - she's a junior sociologist at heart. And while not a Mom I know that the same person who watches art films and documentaries would've found the spectacle on that show to be interesting - an experiment on video. I'm not surprised that she was fascinated, Meerkat manner is kind of fixating also - and I seem to recall her having more than a passing interest in it at one time.
But Leslie also has the sense to step away. When she's absorbed all that she's going to from something, she moves on to the next thing. And she knows a train wreck when she sees it. So she tells me she's probably going to step away and move on to whatever that next thing is that can fixate her and pique her interest.

I say bravo.

I think what is ACTUALLY odd, vs. Leslie watching the show - is people expecting me to have an opinion or vested interest in the show. Leslie knew better but other people don't seem to -which surprises me. I even remember the first people saying "So what do you think about all the Jon and Kate gossip" and WHOOOSH the genie was out of th bottle and those two freaks were everywhere.

Prior to that I had only ever seen a couple of twins club notices that one or the other of them would be in town speaking. (come to think of it, they billed it as THEM but only she showed up and there was grumbling I recall). I didn't know what their multiple status was and truthfully I'm still not entirely sure. Two sets of 4, 4 sets of 2, one set of six and a set of twins, two sets of three and one set of two........I don't know.

You see, we're not friends. I have a set of twins. They have some order of multiples I'm not even certain of. They MIGHT be members of NOMOTC but I don't really know. And I don't have an opinion of them. I watched two minutes of their show the other night - flipping channels I happened to recognize HER and her I LOVE THE 80s haircut so I stopped.

She was yelling at him like a Harpy.

I was done.

Having multiples is really hard. Being married is really hard. Neither thing is all rainbows and butterflies and I cannot imagine letting you in here to see the days that I'm a big baby and don't help out around the house because I want to sit here and blog (LIKE NOW). Or the days where we're mad at each other because our stress levels are too high and there are no other adults to take it out on.

But truth is, anything worth doing challenges you. And I know that when I roll over and smell my husbands pillow that I feel safe and secure. And when he holds me close in the mornings and whispers that he loves me, I know that there is nothing better in the whole world than being a family.

And no cameras in the house could actually ever capture the feeling of contentment and joy I get from my family.

As a matter of fact......it sort of looks like they have the exact opposite effect - doesn't it?


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If you get your hair cut like that, I will shave your head while you sleep. Just sayin'....