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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beep Beep Comin' Thru - The Ball Horn

We still have to check the twins diapers/pull ups regularly (they're autistic if you are not keeping up) and well......five years later we are kind of silly about it, I gotta admit. The other day I was giving a boy the requisite crotch crab to check the diaper status and my husband asked me if I was honking his ball horn.
Which got us to giggling. And referring to the diaper check as honking the ball horn. Cuz let's face it - unless you're looking for a muddy diaper, you check the front to verify it's soft vs. full status.


Then we got to speculating on how much fun it'd be if there WAS a ball horn. The phrase "Beep Beep Coming Thru would have a whole new meaning! You know, during those private times there would be a little song........beep..........beep...........beep...beep...beepbeepbeepbeep......BEEEEEEEEEEEP.

You get it.

So the other night when I got a handful of the waiters junk, I immediately let the husband know I had TOTALLY Honked the Ball Horn.

Of course, I was so tickled telling the story of the restaurant and the crotch sightings that I forgot to explain the title of the post. But, now you are up to speed.