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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tallest Dad In Georgia

I don't get the opportunity to surprise my husband that much. He surprises me daily sometimes, with something special for dinner, a secret destination - something sweet in my email.

I on the other hand, not so much. I'd like to say that it's my hectic work schedule or how bizzy bizzy bizzy I am once I get home (lies) so then......I guess I'll have to admit it.

I'm lazy. I don't MEAN to be thoughtless or lack spontaneity and I often think of good ideas AFTER the fact......but to really PLAN out a surprise? I seldom have it in me.

This is a character flaw I fully acknowledge.

So for Father's Day this year, I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to take him somewhere that is in keeping with the things we like to do, but that is a place we had never been. Something spectacular.

The Chattahoochee National Forest is home to Brasstown Bald and that is where I planned our day, to make him the TALLEST DAD IN GEORGIA.

There is a nice lookout at the top of the mountain, and a small nature center inside with activities for the little guys. And a funny sign. But mostly it was just a day in the fresh mountain air surrounded by the 4 people who love him so.

We had a picnic afterwards on the side of the mountain. I had wanted it to be romantic and wonderful even with the kids, but with the mad winds from up and down the mountainside, we couldn't even use plates. And after seeing the switchbacks up the mountain, I was glad we didn't have any wine with our meal.


But the view was beautiful nonetheless. It was a great spot for a picnic.

And the WIN is that I did surprise him. I succeeded! He thought I was taking him to a kangaroo park! (Apparently there is one nearby). So for his Father's Day......I took him to the top of the highest mountain in GA to show him that I think he's the best. I can never adequately express what a superior parent he is, and the commitment he exhibits toward making intelligent men out of our boys. His workload never stops, the train of things for him to do is never ending. His wife never pulls her weight - she's exactly like a husband who works I swear.

But she appreciates him and loves him and wants everyone to know that the smart, well mannered children they see out in public are 100% because of the time, energy and love that their Father put into them while she was away at work.

And there is no gift to adequately thank him for that.

NOW. I present to you.

The tallest Dad in Georgia!


frank said...

Thank you.