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Monday, June 08, 2009

Urban Oasis

I am minutes from getting in my car and driving to work, but I wanted to take a few (while I drink my coffee) and share how we celebrated our weekend. We took the kids to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens WHICH are amazing!

If I five year old is captivated - they have to be cool - don't they?

There were lots of fancy photographers there, especially in the orchid conservatory.

So you know, I had to be cool and take orchid pics too.

It was a beautiful day to get outside and breathe fresh air and get my mind ready to return to work. Now that I'm up and about getting ready, I'm feeling pretty good and am quite glad to go back!

I have no point, other than to say it was a beautiful day and I feel better.

And I am so glad.


Frank said...

It's a beautiful day because I woke up next to you. Can't wait until you come home.

rabidxdisease said...

I was at Piedmont Park Sunday and almost convinced my crew to hit the gardens. I am dying to get inside, there is only so much salivating you can do outside the entrance looking in. It looks fabulous! I've been at that park every weekend for the last month!