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Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Cool When They Listen

My oldest boy is some strange combination of very little boy and very wise philosopher that often blows my mind. He's always been such a little sponge to all the information around him but suddenly, all these concepts and ideas are swelling into new ideas all his own.

For instance, we've been watching LIFE AFTER PEOPLE. If you are not familiar it's a show about how the cities will crumble after we're gone, and how all the flora and fauna will carry on without human influence. It's fairly interesting.

He announces to me last night that I shouldn't worry if there are not more people. "Because Mom, the great apes will just evolve then." I guess I smiled or looked incredulous because he looked at me seriously and said "Mom, they have THUMBS" wiggling his at me.

Ah yes, pulling ye old evolutionary card, we homo-sapiens ARE familiar with the value of the thumb. Why, I'm using my thumbs right now, come to think.

But before I go beating my chest (hearkening back to my ape ancestors) with pride over my brilliant son, I might point out one of his other recent ideas.

He has suggested that we should SINK the Queen Mary because it's haunted. Yes, solely because it's haunted. I asked him why this would help - and the informed me that the ghosts couldn't get people if they were under water.

Turns out he's six after all, eh?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

God I love that kid.

Barbara Raymond said...

Oh, I dunno... I think the boy might be on to something there. :)