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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Local Tourist

People will often ask me what is going on this weekend - where are we going to be, because we go go go go. But really, due to my husbands diligent tracking of what is free to do we don't SPEND a fortune going and doing - we just keep a reservoir of that which is good and free and make sure we get out and enjoy where we live.
I think a lot of people don't. It's like you always hear about New Yorkers who never go to the Statue of Liberty. Why is that? I don't get it.
I embrace my inner tourist nearly ever weekend, and I think my children are smarter because of it.

There is just so much to do EVERYWHERE that in a place like Atlanta it'd be a sin NOT to get out and see what there is to do. Such as - the worlds LARGEST Aquarium (largest tank in the world - pictured!). Are you kidding me? HOW COULD WE NOT GO THERE REGULARLY. The site of the whale sharks alone is enough to put you into a state of mellow peace. It's good for the soul, the worlds largest aquarium is - I swear even with the crowds.

Look UP! WHALE SHARK! There is one right behind this happy boy of mine, as well.
They make Little Birth of Cool dance!

Little Birdman wonders what this guy is doing in the tank.

And when you live in a place, you are obliged to embrace local cuisine. I think this is a law. When we lived in Tampa .......it was Cuban Food!
Now that we're south of the Mason Dixon Line it's all about THE BARBECUE.

And who are we to disrespect that?

This was our adventure to Dreamland BBQ which is marvelously famous and deliciously tasty. You know a place is good if they serve you white bread for soppin' and have paper towels right on the table. At that point, the meal is no joke - it's gonna be messy and good!

So there. That's just one day's worth of fun. There is a lot to do, if you know where to look.


Frank said...

Ummm, note to Gidge: we were south of the Macon-Dixon line in Tampa...

Harper Ganesvoort said...

Oh, kid...! You haven't tasted barbecue until you get to the original Dreamland in the Jerusalem Heights section of Tuscaloosa. I don't know what this place in Atlanta looks like, but the original store is still just where it was, still just as much of a roadhouse ma-and-pa operation in looks; and the 'cue that comes out of that actually makes me like barbecue.

Frank said...

It is the same chain.