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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Don't Feel Good

Seriously, I felt so bad for so long before and after surgery that I was a little high on feeling good. I admit it. I was taking it for granted. Not feeling sick, not being in pain......it was going to my head.
Mother Nature had decided to tap on my door - just a little reminder of the fragility of the human condition.
I'm better, but she reminds me I'm not perfect. So she decided to swell up the lymph glad on the left side of my neck. Just enough that I can feel it.
No other symptom than what someone I know refers to as "general malaise".
I simply don't feel good.

I'm probably most put out about it, because I was FEELING SO AMAZINGLY GOOD.

So I take some vitamins and I take some Tylenol and I wrap it up early tonight even though there's computerville stuff I would like to get done.

Let's hope that a good night's sleep is exactly what my body is looking for.

I'm really not up for a round of being sick. Not now. It's not fair!

Now here is your moment of Zen.