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Friday, June 01, 2007

Have You Ever Picked Up Your Teeth With Broken Fingers?

Okay that's a joke.
My fingers are not broken.

My teeth, my teeth are another story.

My parents were part of the generation that put their babies to bed with their bottles in their mouth. Thereby, rotting the sprouting baby teeth. They learned their mistake and I can't imagine the horror as a parent that they had to endure my with baby teeth shattering apart, having to take me to the dentist for extractions and other horror shows that no one wants to have to do with your little one.

So they became diligent. Dentist appts, dental procedures were never put off, were never NOT done. Teeth, at my parents house are taken care of.

I began to have trouble with my adult teeth about 10 years ago. Teeth cracking, chipping, breaking.......root canals.......complications.......and then, then the insurance fiasco where I scheduled the root canal and the crown only to not be able to afford the crown because there was NO insurance left.....

Poor planning.

And poor care on my part.

I sit here now with a missing tooth (just recently departed), a crown needing finished, a front tooth chipped, and other miscellaneous collateral damage.

There are choices, to repair this damage. Fillings, crowns, bridges.....all choices to fill in the damage that has been done. It will not be the same, but it will mend the hole and allow life to go forward, differently, but functionally. Without the gap, without the open place that the broken tooth has left.

Relationships are like this. Friendships and love affairs.
You just have to find the right vehicle of repair, be it filling, crown or bridge.....to repair what is lost.

To go forward.