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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Family Traditions are Born

At my house we have a few family traditions that come to us straight out of pop culture. For instance, putting the star on the Christmas tree we refer to as "Bumbling" the tree, a la the Bumble in Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. The husband and I often refer to one another as Hunny and Bunny not out of some great outpouring of saccharine affection but rather because of the robbers from Pulp Fiction.
But my FAVORITE pop culture related family tradition is this one.
How wrong do you suppose it is, that the entire reason our family reads GOOD NIGHT MOON every single night is THIS clip from the Simpsons?

And in searching for that clip to share.......how awesome is it that we also ran across this one?

Christopher Walken just says GOOD PARENTING, now doesn't he?

Thanks to the husband for finding the clips!


John the Repressed said...

As I recall, somewhere in the vast archives of Laura's photograph collection, we have a picture of Scott "bumbling" our shared tree when we all lived back on 4th Avenue in Beech Grove. I think it's probably in the same stack of pics that also contains one of me and my doppleganger Pat Boone from his Christmas album, remember?

And speaking of Pulp Fiction, did you know that we've now got the punkins to the point where they'll take a bite of sandwich and go, "Mm-hmm... now that's a tasty burger!" :)

And Christopher Walken is a god walking amongst we mere mortals.

Izzy said...

Christopher Walken...lol! Take anything and have him read it and it's instantly funny, even if it's not supposed to be.