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Saturday, June 30, 2007

So - I Need a Hair Cut. - WITH CUT OPTIONS

I am perusing the web for haircut options.

This is my current state.

When I find some options, I'm going to post them below here.....and solicit your opinions. Because I am nothing if not indecisive.

Okay so first is a cut I've gotten two or three times.....it's not what is grown out this time, but I like it, maybe I'm just BORED with it. It is a pretty valid haircut. Not too out there for someone who works for a conservative company but not too SQUARE either.

However, I have had this desire to put bangs back lately. And I can't decide why. Bangs are a pain in the ass. Then you have to grow them back out because you get tired of them. But this one is sort of sassy.

Opinions please.


Greg Hoffman, Internet Marketing Gorilla said...

Here is what I suggest:

by the way, are you sure YOU are the one that needs a haircut in your family???

Rebecca said...

hello! found you somehow on my convoluted blog travels ...and thought I'd say g'day from a fellow twin mother.

Gidge said...

Very helpful suggestion Greg.

I look like that most of the time anyway you turd.

Frank said...

There isn't a hairstyle on earth that could possibly make you MORE beautiful.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I like first one, but it is only because I am WAY too lazy to keep up with bangs.

I think they would both look great.

April Brandon said...

how short are you wanting to go?? I like both ideas so far. But in order for me to contribute an idea, I need to know how short you want to go. I found a few really cute, low maintenance looks.

Elizabeth said...

Gidge, look:


If you have time for styling, I like the style in that second photo. But as a recovering bangs addict, just remember how soon you get sick of having hair in your face and wish you had never cut your bangs in the first place! Maybe you could do that second style without the bangs? Just have the layers around your face?

Gidge said...

I think I am going with Option 2.
It's nothing a big flat brush and some product and do, and I do own a flatiron AND a blowdrying brush......so
I think I can do it.

now, i need a stylist.