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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekly Words Challenge




oddmix said...

I like it! Very nicely said.

gawilli said...

Your Gracious picture is beautiful! We are just moving into spring and the plants are sending up shoots.

MarillaAnne said...

Hey! I rearranged some of my RSS feeds and I lost you and then I kept thinking I'd figure it out from either OddMix or my email ... and ... so finnnnally I get to participate in Weekend Words and there you are! I've got you back in my RSS feed reader so I'll be back more often.

The last I looked in you were thinking there were changes coming up. Sooo Georgia hmmm? Last week I figured out that there are four or five people (probably ladies) in Georgia reading my blog! Exactly precisely two of them talk to me ... maybe it's just the two of them logging in from all over Georgia ... I don't know. Anyway I hope you love your move.

Ok ok about this post ... Great selection. Do you really have gorgeous flowers like that in bloom right now? Everything is dead as a doornail still up here. Although we did see the grass for three days and it was sort of green.

Is it really warm enough somewhere to go shirtless at the beach? Your son is doing a great job of steadfastly creating a castle.