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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I used to marvel at the fact that my mom got up so early in order to get the rest of us out into the world. She was up, she was together and she could GET SHIT DONE in the morning.
Not so much.
This morning I figured it out.
She got up BEFORE us. She drank coffee, probably cups and cups worth or more.
So, unlike me, she wasn't sitting in front of the PC struggling to read the News online - because GOD KNOWS I can't watch the NETWORK NEWS IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN. And I'm sitting here, struggling with my motorskills, sucking down my hot black cup of caffeinated goodness - and the words, the words keep coming at me.
Words, rattling out of the mouth of a 4 year old going over each and every detail of the brochures brought home from his father's recent trip to Georgia. Words, I want I want I want, Can we, Can We, Can We........aahhhhhh

Mommy needs her coffee.

Mommy come see this, Mommy come see this train (oh you mean the train I've seen 1000 times on the Noggin promotion), Mommy can we watch Nick Jr (no for gods sake no I let you watch it and the commercials drove me crazy because I had to keep getting up to see what retarded toy you want that I will NEVER buy you because it doesn't work like that in real life/they are unreasonably violent/they suck in general.) Mommy do they have Volcanoes in Georgia? Mommy can a baby T-Rex Kill you? Mom what kind of train stores to they have in Georgia? Mommy when it's my birthday how can I decide what kind of cake to have? There are too many choices.

Oh please stop.

Mommy needs her coffee.

Mommy look at this, they have snow on this mountain in GA can we go there? (yes) "Look mommy they have a whale shark do whale sharks eat people?" (ummm, I don't know) "But mom don't see teeth I think you are wrong" (okay, please let me just drink my coffee) "Can a whale shark kill you?" (Yes anything can kill you. But it might be an accident.) "Mom when we move to Georgia, do they have floods?"

Oh My God.

I need my Coffee.


pete said...

Tell lou
The shark is found in tropical and warm oceans and lives in the open sea.As a filter feeder it has a capacious mouth which can be up to 1.5 m (5 ft) wide and can contain up to 300 rows of tiny teeth.[4] It has five large pairs of gills. Two small eyes are located towards the front of the shark's wide, flat head. The body is mostly grey with a white belly; three prominent ridges run along each side of the animal and the skin is marked with a 'checkerboard' of pale yellow spots and stripes. These spots are unique to each whale shark and because of this they can be used to identify each animal and hence make an accurate population count.The whale shark is a filter feeder - one of only three known filter feeding shark species (along with the basking shark and the megamouth shark). It feeds on phytoplankton, macro-algae, plankton, krill and small nektonic life, such as small squid or vertebrates. The many rows of teeth play no role in feeding; in fact, they are reduced in size in the whale shark. Instead, the shark sucks in a mouthful of water, closes its mouth and expels the water through its gills. During the slight delay between closing the mouth and opening the gill flaps, plankton is trapped against the dermal denticlesThis fine sieve-like apparatus, which is a unique modification of the gill rakers, prevents the passage of anything but fluid out through the gills (anything above 2 to 3 mm in diameter is trapped). Any material caught in the filter between the gill bars is swallowed. Whale sharks have been observed "coughing" and it is presumed that this is a method of clearing a build up of food particles in the gill rakers~~~
This species, despite its enormous size, does not pose any significant danger to humans. It is a frequently cited example when educating the public about the popular misconceptions of all sharks as "man-eaters". They are actually quite gentle and can be playful with divers. Divers and snorkellers can swim with this giant fish without any risk apart from unintentionally being hit by the shark's large tail fin.

pete said...

Three whale sharks, one male, Norton, and two females, Alice and Trixie, are held in the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta.

Jay said...

As long as you find a way to get you going, I think you're doing okay.

Ramblings from an Old Woman that lived in a shoe. said...

Coffee fixes everything. I raised a daughter. Bubble gum in long hair, no prob, I had coffee. Every Barbie doll in the house is naked and headless, no prob, I had coffee.

Caught Hubby cheating and went through a divorce. No prob, I had coffee (well coffee and a little whiskey)

Love your blogs, Keep the coffee coming..

Christa said...

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Karen Rani said...

Coffee is copius amounts chick.

I drink at least 6-8 cups a day now. Can you say ulcers?

Karen Rani said...

ack - in, not is....duh!

April Brandon said...

WTF is up with the spam....lol