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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My heart on my sleeve

I try not to blog every emotion that comes rolling through me. If you know me, you know I wear my heart on my sleeve and do not do a good job of calmly explaining anything. If I'm upset, I will either not discuss it at all or I'll BLAM hit you with my post about my mom being ill.
And so, I think I'm OVERLY upset when I post things like that.......and I'm panicked and I don't want 500 HUGS comments, but I have some great need to get my fears out there. To speak them, so that they aren't haunting me anymore.
There are two schools of thought about speaking your fears. I embrace them both because I'm a girl and an emotional girl at that. One school of thought says that you should never speak your fears - because you will give them life.
The other school of thought says that you should speak them - to keep them from eating you up inside.

I'm not sure which works better.

But I do know this, my mom is better, she's in a good hospital and I'm almost 40. It is time for me to be realistic.......everyone is aging. If this was a dress rehearsal.....perhaps I am better prepared for next time.

Anyway, my mom is better. Not perfect. But better. And I feel better.

Not perfect.

But better.


April Brandon said...

I am glad that she's getting better. Dad called me this morning. I think Aunt Suze said something about me being out of the loop. Dad said that she was probably going to be there until the weekend. But, she's getting better and that's all that matters. If you hear anything different from what I'm hearing, please call me.

Devra said...

I hope she continues to improve..and quickly. Hospitals are no place to be if you need any kind of rest!

Becky said...

Glad to hear she's better. Hope she's home soon.

Her Bad Mother said...

Speaking your fears is a touchy, difficult thing. Totally get it. What matters right now - that she's doing well. Cling to that.

And, 500 hugs to you.