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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Incredible Spring Mounted Cannons of Fort Desoto

We like travelling to Fort Desoto because it's been a family tradition since before OUR branch of the family was established. My husband's family used to vacation there at the campgrounds, and before we were married my husband and I would camp there once a year.
We went ONE LAST TIME before we move away when my mom was here. My boys love to run around the fort itself, playing on the cannon.
While we were there last time, letting the kids run around, a couple walked over to take photos and this was what we overheard.
HER "How do they fire these cannons when they can't see over the walls?"
HIM "Well these are on big springs, and they raise up over the walls of the fort."

Ummmmm. What?

Let my 2 year old show you how it works. See, artillery are fired based on COORDINATES vs LINE OF SIGHT which probably hasn't been used since Napoleon and maybe not even then. They use triangulation to determine the coordinates of the target and rotate the cannon as shown here by Baby Birdman.

The Cannon ROTATE to acquire their target based on coordinates, and then FIRE upon the ships at sea. They DO NOT SPRING UPWARD on their base - take a gander for the enemy and then fire, recoiling back down on their spring base to hide from return fire. A cannon of that sort would most likely have been manufactured by the ACME Cannon factory and used in the ongoing war between Wyle E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

We laughed our asses off considering HOW these giant, incredibly HEAVY cannon would LEAP into the air, take aim, FIRE, and then recoil.

Seriously people. I realize warfare isn't girl stuff and I'm sort of surprised at the detail with which I remember how it works, I just store useless info.

Or is it useless?

Just remember.....I know how cannons work. I will probably be very useful when the revolution comes.

And now, a gratuitous family shot.


April Brandon said...

that's hysterical....spring loaded cannons. I wonder what kind of technology would be behind that...

Gidge said...

ACME technology.

Elmer Fudd said...