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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Songs of Sorrow Songs of Shame

I am a huge addict when it comes to American Idol. American Idol butters my bread, I tell you. I am a fan of the beginning; the horrid auditions, the disillusioned parents who think their kids can sing, the friends who aren't truthful with their bestest friends and tell them they should be a star and prove this by screaming obscenities at sweet, meek little Ryan Seacrest on their way out. I love the people who are truly SO tone deaf that they don't even know what is being said to them about their pitch and tone. I love the idiots who insist on singing Stevie Wonder although even good singers are smart enough to shy away from his stuff. I enjoy the sob stories about people who lived on meal worms and the rats their grandpa could catch and never had anywhere to sleep but the inside of a rail box car when there was one handy (okay I haven't ever heard THAT story, but I would love it).
In the middle, I get bored.
I do learn to hate some people during the whole HOLLYWOOD WEEK time - because you really get to see what assholes some folks are.
Which is why at the end, I LOVE the SONGS OF SHAME.
I am not sure what "DR COX FROM SCRUBS" like genius thought up the songs of shame. But I am certain that there is nothing I enjoy more than watching someone who was a total jackass during Hollywood week get voted off, then be expected to SUCK IT UP and stand on stage and SING IT.
Because, last week we thought you sucked. So we TOTALLY want to hear that crappy stuff ONE MORE TIME.
So sing your song of shame.
That's right.
It's the song that was so bad last week that now you don't get to stay anymore.
HA hahahaha
You suck.


Elizabeth said...

You need to join us on the Mamapop! AI open thread every week. Everyone pours the drink of their choice and posts their snarky AI comments. It's fun!

Also, I tagged you for a meme.