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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Here’s how it works: Put up a post “Real Moms [insert what you do here]”, followed by an explanation , a picture, and a “Real Moms. Making ….”. Then tag five people.

I was tagged by Elizabeth so I thought I would share this.

When I was younger, I went out to a club with XTA in the Triangle area of NC. First that night we went to a sock monkey art exhibit, and saw WW2 sex education films - the kind that were shown to soldiers. It was a hoot. Then we went to a rock bar and hung out. I met a boy with full sleeve tattoos and a goatee who offered to pierce my upper ear. This was flirtation. He also offered to pierce OTHER stuff. Which I declined. But the next day. XTA and I went to his extremely grubby piercing/tattoo parlor and I let him jam a piercing needle through my upper ear.

I had three holes in each ear, and now I had one up high, on the left. TOTALLY cool in 1996.

7 piercings. Not a lot in some circles, but pretty cool.

When I got pregnant with Lil Satchmo, I took out my earrings, and I took out THAT earring.


Maybe it was because I was an older Mom, 34 when I got pregnant, I felt like there was nothing lamer than a mom trying to look cool. Forget it, it's over. YOU ARE A MOM.

And that's okay.

I had watched other moms go get this same piercing in their mid 40s......and honestly, it looked a bit silly with their bright white sneakers and super dark blue jeans.

I like being a mom, despite the previous post. I will be a mom as long as I live. My shoes are too white, just like all the moms I used to snicker at. I had on the lamest clothes in the pit at the KORN show a few months ago.

But that's okay, because the cool ship sailed......and I am SO okay with that.

I'm going to tag some of you bizotches, so get ready....let's have......


Becky said...

I can't remember when I took all my earrings out for good. When I actually thought about the hole way up on top of the ear, the cool ship was shoving off. Never did it.

Elizabeth said...

Good answer! I used to have each ear pierced twice, but I stopped wearing those second earrings when I got into my 30s. Now I rarely wear earrings at all, and when I do, those first holes get really sore and swollen. I doubt I could ever get two pairs of earrings into each ear ever again! Yep, my cool days are over.

Izzy said...

I ripped my cartilage ear piercing (is there a more suitable name for that?) out one night when I was in college. I'd had the thing for two years and it NEVER stopped hurting and I got fed up one night and out it went.

As for my coolness factor... well, there really isn't a coolness factor to speak of but I do admit to avoiding wearing my white, white sneakers unless absolutely necessary!

Alison said...

Just saw this. Let me think for a minute & try to answer on my lunch break.

Devra said...

HOw did I miss that I got tagged????
Will do something about this soon! Sorry for the delay!