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Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunny Days at Cold Lakes

We actually live quite close to a really lovely lake. We never go. I feel like we should go up there more, it's about 15 minutes away and it's amazing. The sun came out this past weekend and it wasn't a single digit temperature so we decided to go exploring a bit.
The kids all seem to do better when we get out of the house. Being in the house stagnates us, we get cranky and annoyed with one another. Yet with the same company in the fresh air we're like different, happier people.
Miles had become a fan of all jackets that have hoods. He loves to have his hood up even when it's not particularly necessary. However it was quite windy, so he was really better prepared than most of us for the icy air blowing in off the lake.
We stopped by the water for a snack of beef jerky and ridiculous gas station pastries (BIG TEXAS I do LOVE YOU!) and just spent some time just...BEING. I love the sound of air whooshing through the big Georgia pines.
We saw the dam which we hadn't really taken in before, and drove over it. Louis obviously thought that was awesome. Ok I did too. The twins love taking walks even when they don't, it seems to relax them even though Charlie will fuss if we walk for too long. Mostly he wants to pick up sticks and crumble them in a world where no one bothers him about it. Nature walks are the perfect place for that.
And as for us, I think sometimes we just like to walk and watch our children discover the world. Some days that's as good as it gets.