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Friday, January 02, 2015

Yes It's A Pink Pig

People invariably say the same thing, you drove to LENNOX just to ride a 3 minute ride? Yes. We drove 45 minutes to ride a three minute train ride. We rode it twice though, so that's six minutes. Does that make it better? 
The Pink Pig is an Atlanta tradition of the best kind, whimsy and silly holiday fun. They run it on top of the parking deck at Macy's so we make the pilgrimage annually to ride the pig and hear the story of Priscilla and her quest to learn her place in life.
Priscilla, you see, isn't sure what her place in life is. But after sharing her fears with her mother, she realizes that being the Pink Pig at Macy's and letting children ride her is what she should do with her life. I'm not sure there is actually a lesson in that. 
There is a different story being told on the storyborards you view as you ride around, which is something about being confident about what you're good at and we also learn that pigs through HUGE feasts and eat turkey. They also dress quite fancily.
Other important things we learn from Macy's Pink Pig? Well probably not much, except it's fun and it's family time together. Although Louis let me know that he thinks the Pink Pig is "really for little kids" I think even he, with his mature sensibilities, enjoyed it. 
See you next year, Pink Pig.