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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Lazy Days and Free Time

I've cut myself down to one cup of coffee a day. My children, however, are still 2 cup a day kids. So despite my own efforts to reduce my caffeine intake, they will pester me until I make a second or today THIRD cup. I get a sip or two and the three little ones steal it without apology. I don't even mind. They get pretty happy thinking they are stealing drinks, and it amuses me a little.
I wasted my day today doing a lot of nothing. I watched part of a movie I had barely heard of, all myself in the EARLY AM, and then spent the rest of the day either playing video games or playing with the kids.
I also napped. Did I mention the nap? The nap was amazing.
It rained and poured and it's going to do that all night. My accomplishment is that I emptied the dishwasher. I also accidentally erased a family in the Sims4 that I just spent three days creating. Oh well I'll do it all again and this time the dad won't die of shame from peeing his pants (maybe).

I didn't get anything productive done.

This was a pretty good day.